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23 Greenest Appliances Around

Slash your energy bills when you upgrade with these green appliances.

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Miele dishwasher in a modern homeVia Miele

Greenest Dishwashers

For dishwashers, Earth911 ranked Miele No. 1 in its list of greenest dishwashers. The rest of the list in order went: Asko, Beko, Blomberg, Smeg, Summit, Samsung, KitchenAid, LG, and Frigidaire.

Miele dishwashers range in price from $1,000 to $3,100 while Asko dishwashers cost between $950-$1,750. Beko dishwashers cost $600-$700. The price of a Samsung dishwasher ranges between $400-$1,300, KitchenAid dishwashers cost around $950-$2,150, LG dishwashers will cost between $670-$1,700 and Frigidaire dishwashers run between $480-$1,250.

Ever wondered why your dishwasher smells? Here's what you can do to fix a smelly dishwasher.

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Samsung-DryerVia Samsung

Greenest Dryers

ENERGY STAR uses its combined energy factor in its rankings of dryers. The CEF is the quotient of an 8.45-pound test load for standard dryers and 3 pounds for compact dryers, divided by the sum of the appliances energy usage while it's idle and when it's running.

  • Samsung DV6800 — 4 cubic feet, 24-inch heat pump dryer with Smart Care, which means you can troubleshoot problems straight from your smartphone. It has an estimated annual energy use of 145 kWh a year and has a CEF of 5.85. Buy it now at Samsung.
  • Blomberg DHP24412W — 4.1 cubic feet heat pump ventless dryer. Amazon reviewers report that the dryer takes a little longer but it's one of the most energy efficient dryers out there. It has a CEF of 5.7 and will use an estimated 149 kWh per year. Buy it now on Amazon.
  • Asko T208H.W.U. — 31-gallon drum with anti-crease ability. It has a CEF number of 4.5 and an estimated annual energy use of 189 kWh per year. Buy it now at Askona.

For a long time dryers never made the ENERGY STAR ratings because of they consumed so much energy. See what else you didn't know you can do with your dryer.

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LG-WasherVia Amazon

Greenest Washers

ENERGY STAR listed its Most Efficient List for 2019 for washers and the list included:

  • LG WM9500H — This model has 5.8 cubic feet of volume, an average energy use of 120 kWh/yr and 4,588 gallons a year in annual water use. It retails between $1,583-$1,999. Buy it now on Amazon.
  • Samsung WF56H91 — 5.6 cubic feet volume, annual energy use: 135 kWh/yr, annual water use: 4429. Buy it now at The Home Depot
  • Whirlpool WFW9220F — Volume: 4.2 cubic feet, annual energy use: 89 kWh/yr. The Whirlpool washer ranges in price from $1,164 to $1,344, depending upon the options you want. Buy it now at Whirlpool
  • Electrolux EFLW427 — This Electrolux model uses the least amount of energy among the ENERGY STAR certified washers with just 60 kWh/yr. It's a little smaller with just 4.3 cubic feet of volume and its annual water usage is 4,059 gallons a year. The Electrolux washer ranges in price from $793-$869. Buy it now at The Home Depot.

Check out more washers that use less water and less electricity at the ENERGY STAR website. Try these proven tricks to reduce your home energy use.

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Samsung-Electric-RangeVia Amazon

Greenest Ovens

There is no ENERGY STAR label for residential ovens, ranges or microwaves but it does rate commercial ovens. You have to consider the platform you want to cook on before you start to think about energy efficiency. Convection ovens are about as efficient as they come and will typically use 20 percent less energy than a standard oven. Self-cleaning ovens rate a little better in terms of efficiency because they come insulated.

Energy consumption can vary because of cookware. A warped pot on the range could use 50 percent more energy to boil water than a perfectly shaped pot. Then in the oven, copper bottom pans heat up faster than regular pans. Additionally, glass or ceramic dishes are more conductive than metal pans.

Make cleaning your oven so much easier by doing this.

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LG-Electric-RangeVia Amazon

Greenest Electric Ovens

  • Samsung NE58F9710WS — Consumer Reports rated these double oven electric ranges the highest. It features five cooktop elements, glass touch controls and dual convection for even cooking. But it now on Amazon.
  • LG LDE4415ST — This electric oven has 7.3 cubic feet, an infrared grill system and is stainless steel. Buy it now on Amazon.
  • Samsung NE59J7850WS — Samsung touts this oven as the only double oven with a warming drawer, which could come in handy. You can also cook at two different temperatures. Buy it now on Amazon.

For a second opinion, check out the 25 best reviewed ovens on Amazon.

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LG-Gas-Range-OvenVia Amazon

Greenest Gas Ovens

  • LG Signature LUTD4919SN — LG claims that its infrared heating will cut 20 minutes off cooking time and you can cook two dishes at different temperatures. Consumer Reports ranked it No. 1 in its gas and dual-fuel 30-inch double ovens. Buy it now on Amazon.
  • Samsung NY58J9850WS — This oven has a total of 5.8 cubic feet and comes with a warming drawer as well. It ranked No. 2 in the gas and dual-fuel 30-inch double ovens category by Consumer Reports.  Buy it now on Amazon.
  • GE PGB980ZEJSS — Consumer Reports ranked this as No. 3 on its list of gas and dual-fuel double ovens.  Buy it now on Amazon.
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GE-Induction-OvenVia Amazon

Greenest Induction Ovens

  • GE Profile PHS930SLSS — This stainless steel 30-inch induction oven has 5.3 cubic feet of capacity and built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to monitor it from anywhere when your smartphone is connected.  Buy it now on Amazon.
  • Kenmore Elite 95073 — This Kenmore induction range has 6.1 cubic feet of capacity and a 2-4-hour self-cleaning cycle. Induction ovens are a great way to save on energy. Buy it now at Sears.
  • LG LSE4617ST — LG's induction oven has 6.3 cubic feet of capacity, easy clean technology and SmoothTouch glass controls. Buy it now on Amazon.
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Liebherr-RefrigeratorVia Amazon

Greenest Refrigerators

  • Liebherr MRB3000 — This Liebherr model comes with 15 cubic feet of capacity and runs at virtually silent noise levels. Its Bio-Fresh drawers keep food slightly above 32 degrees Fahrenheit to make food last longer. Buy it now on Amazon.
  • GE GPE16DTH — This GE model consumes approximately 344 kWh a year and has a 15.5 cubic foot capacity with a top freezer. Buy it now at The Home Depot
  • Midea WHD663FWESS — This Midea refrigerator has 18 cubic feet of storage, 13.9 of which is dedicated to the refrigerator portion. The glass shelves slide with ease and there's a frost-free design. Buy it now at Appliances Connection

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