Chamberlain MyQ-Garage Review

Don’t worry, you can still retrofit somethings like your garage door opener with smart technology.

Retrofit Your Garage Door Opener for Smart Technology

You don’t have to run out and buy a whole new garage door opener if you want to be able to open your garage from your phone. Instead pick up the Chamberlain myQ.

You can add the Chamberlain myQ on to your existing garage door and most brands dating back to 1993. The hub is easy to install and connects to your Wi-Fi. Just download the myQ app to your phone and viola, you can always know if you left the garage door open. The app also allows you to open the door and will let you know if it opens and closes.

myQ works with Nest and can control your lighting if you’d like. Check out what other Wi-Fi garage door openers are out there.

Get it now for around $60.

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