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12 Techie Amazon Prime Day Products We Bought Last Year

We are so ready for Prime Day 2019! Take a look at what was flying off the virtual shelves last year.

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Amazon Echo Show

While the Amazon Echo Show is normally $229.99, Amazon has begun celebrating Prime Day early, giving members the opportunity to pay $129.99 right now. The device is an enhanced version of the Echo, featuring a 7" touchscreen display, 5MP camera, 8-microphone array and dual 2" stereo speakers. You can even make video calls to other Echo Show owners, as well as people who have the Alexa App. Check out these 10 unexpected ways to use Alexa.

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TEWELL Detachable Sound Bar

Sound systems in the home can prove very bulky, which is why brands are coming out with sleeker options, like sound bars. TEWELL has come out with a very affordable option that's available for a steal now through Amazon Prime Day for about $100. Reviewers of the product find it to be high-quality despite the price. If you're all about reviews, check out these 12 best reviewed hand tools to buy on Amazon.

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fire stick remote controlVia Amazon

Fire TV Stick

According to the annual Amazon “Best of Prime” report detailing the most popular items members bought in the past year, tech products were a common purchase. The most-purchased electronic on Amazon in 2018 was the Fire TV Stick.

The Fire TV stick gives people access to their Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and STARZ accounts, among others, essentially replacing the need for a smart TV. The stick plugs into your TV and an outlet for easy usage. 

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ice Firstbuild

Firstbuild Opal Nugget Ice

On Amazon Prime Day, the online shopping platform will sell Firstbuild's Opal Nugget Ice maker for $100 less, dropping the price from $499 to $399. The product is an ideal purchase for your summer dreams of frozen confections. Is the ice maker in your freezer jammed? Try these repair tips.

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iRobot Roomba 690

The Roomba 690 has added connectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to provide a more complete integration of smart devices in the home. It also comes with the iRobot HOME app so you can clean and schedule cleaning from your phone.

Try a lo-fi vacuum cleaner fix to reach the tough spots at home and see what you're not doing to keep your carpet long-lasting.

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Instant PotAmazon / Instant Pot

Instant Pot

The Instant Pot ($100) is the trendiest appliance of 2017 (and '18) for good reason: It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan, and warmer all in one. Basically, it's the solution to all of your dinner dilemmas. Check out 11 more home and workshop products we're buying on Amazon this month.

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OXO Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

For $100, you can get a stainless steel coffee grinder featuring 15 settings, as well as micro settings, that allow you to adjust the grind depending on the type of coffee you're making. The one-touch start timer ensures you have easy access to your last setting.

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Amazon Cloud Cam Security Camera

The Amazon Cloud Cam sends you a notification on your preferred mobile device whenever it detects any activity, so you can keep tabs on your home from anywhere. Thanks to the always-ready motion detection, this home camera can capture activities right from the start.

"I got the Amazon Cloud cam to see what my cats do during the day. Today, I had left the house and was out running errands. I got an alert that motion was detected in my Kitchen. I looked at the live view and saw a person had broken into my home. I used the microphone feature and yelled at him to get out of my house and told him the police were on the way. He immediately left. Thank you Amazon. Without my cloud cams, this could have had a very different ending," says a reviewer. You come home from an evening out and find the front door ajar. Your home has been burgled. Now what?

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Echo Dot 3rd Generation

"Alexa, I'd like to buy two of your latest Echo Dots and get $10 off." Right now, Amazon is offering this great deal on its 3rd-generation mini smart home speakers, which perform a range of functions — access your favorite music-streaming service, control lights and thermostats, hear the news, make hands-free calls, plus new features like tracking your fitness —and they come in a cool, textured finish in three colors: Black, Heather Gray and Sandstone. A perfect home tech addition to our Amazon gift guide.

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Black+Decker BTU Portable AC Unit

Leading up to Amazon Prime Day, Amazon encourages you to beat the heat with this portable AC unit from Black+Decker. Normally priced at $380, you can get it for $287. The unit cools, dehumidifies and circulates air. It also features easy-to-use electronic controls and is quiet while you sleep. Once you make this purchase, you'll want to know how to double its life!

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Coleman Portable Tabletop Propane Grill

Take your grill skills to the park, on a camping trip or even at the beach with this portable tabletop grill from Coleman. Originally $169.99, it's currently priced at $159.99 in celebration of Amazon Prime Day! Add these 15 must-have grilling tools from Amazon to your purchase for the ultimate backyard BBQ.

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Ring doorbellHome Depot

Ring Doorbell

It was only a matter of time before someone brought the traditional doorbell into the 21st century. With the Ring Video Doorbell you can enhance your home security and just make your life easier in general. The Ring Doorbell connects to your home Wi-Fi network and takes HD video of the area directly outside of your door. You can then access the camera's video feed through an app on your phone from anywhere in the world, whether you are in your backyard or in another country. The doorbell even has a two-way audio channel so you can have a full conversation with whoever is at your door. The Ring Doorbell can be set to send you a notification every time someone walks up to your house so you can check out any unwanted or surprise guests. In terms of design, the Ring Doorbell is not much bigger than other doorbells and comes in a variety of colors so that it works with any paint scheme. The Ring Video Doorbell is sold online and in stores starting at $179, with an upgraded "Pro" version available for $249.

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