Easy-to-Build Pots and Pans Organizer Idea

You can store your pots and pans neatly with this ceiling-mounted DIY organizer.

With just a few supplies from your local hardware store, you can build a pots and pans organizer to perfectly fit your space.

Easy-to-Build Pots and Pans Organizer

  1. Build your wooden structure by attaching 1-inch boards the length of the pot rack across the framing. Leave ¼-inch space between each board to allow the hook bolts to glide through. Finish off the frame by drilling 1-inch holes in each corner for the rope.
  2. Stain and sand wood to desired look.
  3. Tie a square knot at one end of the rope and thread from the inside of the pot rack, out and up through the anchor eye bolts, and back down through the open side of the pot rack. Secure with another square knot. You could also use heavy gage wire, or chain link. Repeat with other side.
  4. Thread hook bolts through the ¼-inch gaps and secure on the topside with washer and bolt. Stagger hooks between gaps, and add desired number. Hooks should slide freely to accommodate different pots and pans.
  5. Add optional hardware like c-hooks or other decorative embellishments.
  6. Mount the hanging pot rack to the ceiling using appropriate hardware and hang up your pots and pans!

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