Indoor Games: Hopscotch

Keep the kids jumping on rainy days

Lay out the numbers, then paint

Blustery days don’t have to be boring if you make your kids this super-easy hopscotch mat! All you need is a 10-ft. utility runner with a nonskid back, duct tape, number stencils and spray paint. Home centers sell utility runners by the foot ($2 to $3 per linear foot depending on the color). Number stencils come in a variety of type styles and sizes at art supply and craft stores.

The toughest part is getting the 10 boxes measured evenly. Our 10-ft. runner is 3 ft. wide, so each box is 12 in. long and 18 in. wide. Cut and place the duct tape where you want it and press it down firmly (Photo 1). Then tape each number in the center of its box (Photo 2). Mask off the areas around the numbers when you spray the paint onto the stencils. Let it dry overnight and get hopping in the morning! Use beanbags, Koosh balls (shown), stuffed animals or other soft toys instead of stones so you don’t scratch wood floors or other inside surfaces. When everyone’s done playing, roll up the mat and store it for next time.

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