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Gear Up for Halloween With Our Top 15 Halloween Decorations on Amazon

From talking spiders outside your front door to festive home decor, this collection of Halloween decorations is full of fun and fright!

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Black Lace Fireplace Scarf

Elevate your Halloween mantle decorations with this black lace fireplace scarf. The pretty spiderweb can also be used to decorate a table, hung over your front door and more. Reviewers love the high-quality fabric. Check out these 20 Halloween projects to inspire your own creations.

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Halloween Skull Pillow Cover

Small touches may be all you need to get in the Halloween spirit. This skeleton throw pillow cover is the perfect way to add a hint of the holiday to your home. The cover is 18 x 18 inches, has an invisible side zipper and is machine washable. Not bad for 10 bucks! These tips will help you make your house extra fun and spooky this year.

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71-inch Hanging, Talking Witch

Looking for Halloween decorations that are sure to scare the little ones? Adorn your front door with this freaky hanging witch! Trick-or-treaters will appreciate the spooky vibes as they approach your door for candy and are greeted with this life-size, animated, talking wicked witch, saying, “Boo! Aahhahaha”, “I would turn back if I were you” and “You are not going to go in there, are you? Ahhaaa.” Not in the Halloween spirit yet? Check out these 100 activities to get you ready for fall!

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Halloween Decor Pumpkin String Lights

These tiny Jack-O-Lantern lights are the perfect addition to your Halloween decorations. The solar-powered string lights are great for dressing up your home, mantel, porch, front path, garden or yard. Waterproof and heat-resistant, they can be used anywhere, indoors or outdoors.

One reviewer says,

“It’s Halloween season for me and the decor is already going up. I decorate often and waste a lot of batteries until I discovered solar powered items. These items are amazing! The light on these is soft enough for my kids to keep on while playing in their tree house, but bright enough to continue keeping on through the night.”

“The pumpkins are adorable and not too scary or creepy. The color of the pumpkins is just right and the light output is wonderful. It was long enough to fit on my kids playhouse but would also be long enough to fit in a garden or around a kitchen window if it got enough light for the solar block.” While you’re prepping for Halloween, get out your power tools and take pumpkin carving to the next level!

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Decorative, Oversized, Embellished Kitchen Towels

Take the haunted holiday into the kitchen by adding these spooky towels to your Halloween decorations. They come as a set of three, are made of 100-percent cotton and are ultra-absorbent, durable and handy for mopping up messes. By the way, you can also carve a pumpkin with a pressure washer!

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Raven on Skull Bookends

Dress up your bookshelf with these Halloween decorations: A set of Gothic bookends that are spooky but subtle enough that you could leave them out year-round if you wanted!

“We loved how these bookends turned out! They are very sturdy and added a spooky look to our book collection,” says a reviewer. Also, be sure to check out these 15 project ideas and tips that will make your pumpkin the best on the block!

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Monster Face Decoration

Turn the structure of your home into a spooky scene with this fun monster face decoration. Great for using on the archway above your front door or on the garage door. It comes complete with eyes, nostrils and teeth.

“Looks scary but doesn’t frighten little ones, it’s so cute for Halloween,” says a reviewer. “We have a little kid, and he loves it. The best part is the monster’s teeth will rise and fall with the garage door, just like driving the car into the mouth of the monster. Every time we do this, he is very excited! Good design!”

As a break from Halloween decor planning, you and your family can decide on your own Halloween costumes. Consider going completely DIY with inspiration from this collection of costumes all made from duct tape.

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72-inch Hanging Corpse

Having a haunted house in your basement this Halloween? This hanging corpse with LED skull eyes is sure to cause a fright! When a sound comes near the giant corpse, the corpse will sense it, and make a disturbing cry. The eyes will also glow red. Plus, check out this collection of 14 fall wreaths you probably haven’t seen before.

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20-inch Pre-Lit Halloween Wreath

This wreath is a fun addition to your Halloween decorations and is great for dressing up your front door. Skulls adorned with top hats, Jack-o-Lanterns, bats and more make it the ideal wreath for All Hallows’ Eve! Need help getting into the Halloween spirit? Read about these 13 haunted house mysteries no one can explain.

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Halloween Yard Signs

Transform your yard into a haunted walk with spooky signs that say things like, “Danger!” and “Enter if you dare.” These three yard signs are made of reinforced corrugated plastic and come with metal stakes, so they’ll hold up to the elements. Also, here’s how to make glitter-covered pumpkins.

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Inflatable Coffin Cooler

If you’re hosting a backyard party this Halloween, what better way to get in the spooky spirit than to fill up an inflatable coffin cooler with drinks?!

“It was awesome for my Halloween party! It held roughly 2 cases of beer & ice and is still sitting outside, fully inflated (it’s been raining too hard for 3 days now to clean up from the party!) I would def recommend this product!” says a reviewer.

With big eyes and mournful cries, owls make the perfect spooky pumpkin. No need for messy carving, you’ve got to see these owls are dressed in vintage newsprint feathers.

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Evil Skull Treasure Chest

This chest is a great addition to your Halloween decorations, and it doubles as storage or a candy dish. Plus, check out the Halloween Christmas tree trend.

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Spooky Living Tree Decoration

Give guests quite the fright as they walk past this spooky tree on their way to your front door. Neighbors and trick-or-treaters will do a double-take or maybe let out a scream as they pass this spooky creature “living “in your tree! Now, check out the cutest Halloween costumes for dogs.

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Halloween Party Decoration Set

Planning to go all-out this year for Halloween? This set is jam-packed with scary stuff, like a zombie table cover, a bloody handprint cling sheet, a bloody footprint cling sheet, caution tape and a bloody weapon garland decoration. These seriously creepy Halloween decorations will definitely get you in the mood for Halloween.

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Spooky Squeaking Spider

This massive spider decoration is sure to creep people out! Not only do its eyes glow, but if you pat its belly, it will squeak with a spooky voice! It’s perfect for a front door fright.

“This is guaranteed to scare! This spider has red light up eyes. It’s really big when stretched out. It has that furry black fur. It will look amazing on any spider web! I can’t wait for Halloween!!!” says a reviewer. Have real spiders? Here’s how to get rid of them to make way for the fake ones!