Handy Home Products for Quick-Fix Repairs

Our professional carpenters, plumbers, painters and electricians tell you which products are their favorites for fixing small problems around the house.

Sometimes the key to making a fix is just knowing the right product to use. We asked our team of professional carpenters, plumbers, painters, electricians and fix-it gurus what their favorite products were, and this is what they told us they never leave home without.

By the DIY experts of The Family Handyman Magazine

Screw-in drywall anchors

Incredibly versatile screws

Stick-on bumpers

Appliance touch-up paint

Thread-locking compound

Two-part filler

Epoxy glue

Fingertip and knuckle bandages

Fender washers

Cleaning solvents

Fast-setting drywall compound

Two lubricants that you need in your house

Stain markers

Texture spray cans

Stain-blocking primer

Self-sticking hole patch

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