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    PVC Pipe vs. ABS Pipe: How do you Choose?

    Ask a bunch of plumbers which is better and you probably wont get an answer, just an argument.

    High-Definition TV Wiring

    What you need to know about setting up cables for high-def TV.

    A Better Spigot

    Prevent outdoor spigots from dripping by building your own.

    Laundry room plumbing: A recessed PVC floor drain

    The building code in my area calls for a floor drain in the laundry room.

    11 Epic Electrical Fails

    Most of the time, DIY electrical work is no joke…but sometimes it is. These handymen made some pretty big mistakes...

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    Best Durable Laptops for Construction Pros

    Most laptops these days are ultralight and ultra fragile, so you don't want them on the jobsite. Not these. These...

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    How To Keep Pipes From Freezing At Your Cabin

    Frozen pipes at a vacant summer cabin are a catastrophe in the making. To avert disaster, take some precautions before...

    We Tried It: Kasa Smart Light Switches

    Looking to add smart home functionality without breaking the bank? The Kasa Smart Switch is a brilliant solution.

    The 20 Best Home and Tools Deals Hiding Among the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale

    The Amazon Prime Early Access Sale is here! We found the deepest discounts on Dremel, Greenworks and Coleman. You have...

    One Piece vs. Two Piece Toilet: What’s The Difference?

    Before you buy your next toilet, read this and see which option is best for your bathroom.

    7 Best Outdoor Flood Lights to Light Up Your Property

    The best outdoor flood lights are a smart way to secure your home, add curb appeal and brighten up your...

    The Best Outdoor TV to Upgrade Your Backyard or Patio

    Find the best outdoor TV for alfresco entertaining—perfect for watching sports, hosting movie nights or binging a favorite show.