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  • How To Build A Grab & Go Cord Rack

    Watch the video below, and then use the tech art and instructions provided to build this super-simple and efficient cord rack.

  • Stay-Flat Plywood Spacers

    We were puzzled by the little belted-together blocks that were stuck between pieces of plywood alongside Bruce’s lumber rack, and received…

  • Do it right. Do it yourself.

    The Family Handyman is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • Stay-Put Driver Bits

    The only seemingly random—but in fact truly ingenious—setup we spotted during our tour was this: a few magnets stuck to shelf standards inside…

  • Bug-Begone Tweezers

    If a mosquito, housefly, strand of hair, a wood shaving or a speck of sawdust plops onto a wet finish, don’t use your fingers or a rag to remove…

  • 1-in. Stop Block for Multiple Cutoffs

    When you have to crosscut a whole pile of short pieces to the same length, clamp a specially dedicated block of wood to the table saw fence.

  • Miter Saw Waste

    Find a convenient place for scrap wood with this miter saw waste workshop tip. It’ll keep everything out of the way and make life easier.…

  • Perfect Miter Joints Every Time

    Ensure gap-free miter joints when you’re edge-banding plywood. Before you cut the trim board miters, tape 45-degree “fitting” boards to the…

  • Clamp Cushions

    Don’t let the jaws of a pipe clamp ding up your board edges when you glue your next project. Buy a pack of adhesive-backed magnetic business…

  • DIY Dictionary: Quarter-Sawn Lumber

    What’s quarter-sawn lumber? A board is considered ‘quarter-sawn’ when the growth rings run, more or less, perpendicular to the…

  • DIY Table Saw Blade Height Gauge

    This gauge block is the quickest way to set the height of a table saw blade. This one is made from a 3-in. length of 4×4.

  • DIY Portable Bookshelf

    Learn how to build this DIY portable bookshelf that is perfect for a dorm room or den. It’s easy to both set up and take down and travels…

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