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Woodworking tips and techniques from veteran woodworkers.

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  • Custom Sanding Bows

    Screw strips cut from cloth-backed sanding belts to shop-made wood bows of different thicknesses and use ’em to shape and smooth furniture parts…

  • Quick Center-Finding

    To find the center of a long board, lengthwise and widthwise, measure the same distance in from each end a few inches shy of the center area.…

  • Do it right. Do it yourself.

    The Family Handyman is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • Easy-peel labels

    Here’s a slick way to remove those pesky labels from boards and plywood. Heat the label with a hair dryer and peel it off with a putty knife or…

  • Measuring Tips and Techniques for DIYers

    Use these clever tricks to work faster and better

  • 10 Dirt-Simple Woodworking Jigs You Need

    Woodworking jigs ensure that cuts are straight, holes are plumb and parts are square—among many other things. And jigs are worth the time…

  • 10 of Our Favorite Hot Glue Tips

    Hot glue guns are not just for school projects and holiday decorations. But once you discover just how useful hot glue can be in the workshop,…


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