Become a better woodworker with these projects, tips and ideas for building furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects.

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Pickled Wood Finish for Interior Design and Decor

Unlock the secrets of the chic pickled wood finish, from its Nordic roots to DIY vinegar tricks and the best...

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How to Build a DIY Pavilion

Does it seem like whenever you want to spend your day off outside, the weather foils your plans? Rain and...

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Portable Router Table Base

Just when you thought you’d seen every possible use for your portable workbench (the Workmate bench is shown here), here’s...

Reader Project: DIY Solid Cedar Mailbox

Reader Todd Johnson needed to replace his mailbox.  So he went to his local home center to get inspired.  

You’ve Got Your Pallet, Now Where Do You Start?

You've been eyeing a project that uses wooden pallets, but you're unsure how to get started. We'll show you the...

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How to Buy Rough-Sawn Lumber

There are a few things you should know before heading to the lumber yard to buy wood. These great tips...

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Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build a Floating Shelf with Secret Drawer

Learn how to make this sleek, modern floating shelf with a secret hiding place for your valuables.

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How To Build A Chessboard

Build this simple, elegant chessboard in an afternoon, and make it your own by selecting whatever wood species you like.

Shop-Made Edge-Gluing Clamps

For about $30, you can fortify your bar clamp arsenal with these mighty tools. These clamps apply pressure horizontally as...

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Simple Timber Outdoor Bench

We knew what we wanted in a bench, and this one has it...

Learn How to Use Melamine

Melamine is the common name for particleboard that’s coated with a thin layer of plastic finish. The melamine finish is...

12 Incredible Pieces of DIY Outdoor Furniture

With something for the absolute beginner and expert alike, these 12 DIY outdoor furniture projects will transform your patio or...

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How To Build a Maple Taco Holder

This easy-to-make taco holder features the same materials as a cutting board: hardwood, food-safe glue and a natural oil finish....

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How to Apply Polyurethane

4 Simple steps to a finish as smooth as glass

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Foolproof Dado and Rabbet Cuts

Our best tips for getting your project done right.

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How to Patch Veneer with Quickwood

Fixing a chipped piece of veneer isn't as hard as you think.

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Furniture Stripping: Tips for Refinishing

Make old furniture look new again in a weekend!

Fix Wooden Table Legs

The trick is to keep the nuts and bolts tight

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Edge Banding With Iron-On Veneer Edging

Cover raw plywood edges quickly and easily with wood veneer and an iron.

How To Remove Stains In Wood Furniture

Removing stains in wood furniture doesn't have to involve sanding and refinishing. Try these methods first.

How to Fix a Wobbly Chair

Frustrated by a loose, wobbling chair? This step-by-step walkthrough shows how to fix a wobbly chair's loose connections.

How To Open a Stuck Drawer

A light cleaning and lubrication makes an amazing difference

How To Build a Garden Arbor

Create this stylish, arched DIY garden arbor in only a couple of days. It’s way easier than it looks.

Build an Infinity Table

Expand your mind with this back-to-the-70s light table

Building Cabinets With Pocket Screws

Intimidated by cabinet work? Even a novice can make fine joints with pocket screws

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A Full Guide to a Proper Wood Stain Finish

Follow these four steps (no shortcuts!) and you'll get a perfect finish every time

Learn How to Clamp

Improve your woodworking skills and glue joints with these 18 tips to show you how to clamp like a veteran...

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Stone Inlay Concrete Bench

Quikrete's 5000 concrete mix is a great formula for building your own backyard bench.