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Looking to increase your home value or cap off a major remodel? Learning how to roof is a good place to start.

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Roofing: How to Install Step Flashing

Why step flashing works and how to install roof flashing against a wall

How to Fix a Noisy Vent Hood Damper

Add-on dampers stop the noise

Easy Shingle Repair

Fix those potential leaks now.

Prevent Black Streaks on Roof

Why it's there and how to deal with it

How to Prevent Ice Dams With Deicing Cables

Heat cables are a simple, inexpensive solution to ice dam problems

How to Clean Soffit Vents

The best way to clean soffit vents is with compressed air

How to Work with Scaffolding Safely

How to rent, setup and use scaffolding when you have to work on your roof, siding or chimney.

Roof Flashing Techniques for Outside Corners

Make roof dormers and other outside corners leakproof

How to Properly Use a Roof Safety Harness

Be safe—use roof brackets, a safety harness and commonsense rules

Know Your House: What Kind of Roof Do You Have?

Gable, hip, gambrel, mansard - the shape of your roof says something about your home's connection to earth and sky.