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Working with concrete is messy and hard work. But if you do it right the results can transform your home.

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    How to Install a Glass Block Shower

    A curved wall creates a unique bath area

    How to Install Stone Facing

    Step-by-step instructions and pictures for how to install stone facing.

    How to Install a Durable Asphalt Driveway

    Learn how the pros make asphalt driveways that last

    10 Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Use Concrete

    We generally associate concrete with infrastructure and buildings, however, there are numerous things you can make with concrete that don't...

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    How to Properly Mix Concrete

    Learn how to mix concrete so you get the right strength and consistency every time.

    The Best Way to Save Hardwood Scraps

    It's not a bad idea to keep some concrete form tubes around the shop for hardwood scraps.

    How to Install a Vapor Barrier in a Crawlspace

    Use plastic sheeting to control moisture in your crawlspace.

    How to Build a Garden Fountain

    Cast this fountain in a weekend with a few bags of concrete and some hardware odds and ends

    How to Cast Concrete Fountains

    Use basic materials and clever techniques to create a water feature in one weekend.

    Fix a Sinking Air Conditioner Pad

    Rescuing a sinking air conditioner pad before it goes under

    12 Stamped Concrete Patio Ideas We Love

    A low-maintenance, durable stamped concrete patio is the perfect foundation for an outdoor living space where you can both relax...

    How To Level Concrete Slabs

    If you have an uneven concrete slab, you could replace it or cover it with leveling compound. But consider grinding...

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    5 Crucial Tips for Concrete Care 

    Here are five easy—and relatively inexpensive—ways to keep your concrete as strong as King Kong, according to Acid Magic.


    Are you trying to decide if your next foundation is going to be block, poured or SIP’s? Don’t make that decision until you read...

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    How to Make a Modern Outdoor Fireplace

    It’s surprisingly easy to build—and portable, too.

    Use Brick Borders for Path Edging

    Transform a dull concrete path into an elegant entrance to your home

    How to Build a Stone Path and Steps

    Modular blocks let you build like a master mason—even on slopes

    Clean Garage Floors – Remove Oil Stains From Concrete

    A clean garage floor is safer and looks better, too.

    Chimney Maintenance

    Make your chimney last for decades with a few hours of simple maintenance

    How Proper Prep Leads to Crack-Free Concrete

    Good finishing techniques will make a slab look great for a while, but proper ground prep will keep it looking...

    Build an Outdoor Table with Quikrete Countertop Mix

    I needed to make an outdoor table that would be reminiscent of stone (without the high cost) and have the...

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    How to Build Outdoor Stair Railing

    Tips for making rock-solid stair posts

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    Caulking Concrete Cracks

    How to make long-lasting caulk joints and keep water out.

    15 Concrete Countertops We Think are Really Cool

    Ditch your plan of installing marble, granite, quartz or butcher block countertops so you can reimagine your kitchen featuring the...

    How to Build a Solid, Frost-Proof Deck Footing

    Prevent frost-heave damage by pouring the concrete right.

    Radon Gas Remediation: The Best Radon Mitigation Systems

    Radon gas moves from the soil into a home directly through pores in concrete and gaps in walls and floors....

    Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Salt on Concrete

    You really need to avoid those ice melters! Here's why.