Working with concrete is messy and hard work. But if you do it right the results can transform your home.

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How to Build a Stone Path and Steps

Modular blocks let you build like a master mason—even on slopes

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How To Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Floors

Improve the look and safety of your garage floor by eliminating those unsightly oil stains. Here's what you need to...

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How to Maintain and Repair Your Chimney

Make your chimney last for decades with a few hours of simple maintenance

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How Proper Prep Leads to Crack-Free Concrete

Good finishing techniques will make a slab look great for a while, but proper ground prep will keep it looking...

Build an Outdoor Table with Quikrete Countertop Mix

I needed to make an outdoor table that would be reminiscent of stone (without the high cost) and have the...

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How to Build Outdoor Stair Railing

Tips for making rock-solid stair posts

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How to Repair Concrete Cracks with Caulk

How to make long-lasting caulk joints and keep water out.

Radon Gas Remediation: The Best Radon Mitigation Systems

Radon gas moves from the soil into a home directly through pores in concrete and gaps in walls and floors....

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Use Salt on Concrete

You really need to avoid those ice melters! Here's why.

Concrete Sealer: Protect Your Driveway

The cause of 'spalling' or 'scaling' concrete is simple.

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How to Pour a Concrete Sidewalk

Pour a smooth, durable and crack-free concrete walkway.

A Heated Driveway: Is It Actually Worth It?

Have you considered a heated driveway? Radiant heating slabs have been around for decades and have been growing in popularity...

How To Install an Outdoor Stair Railing on Concrete Steps

Add safety and style with a custom outdoor stair railing.

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How to Install a Shower Drain in Concrete

Plumb the drain using a special leak-proof drain assembly

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How to Install Basement Carpet

Keep your finished basement floor dry, even if the concrete gets wet.

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How to Build a Wooden Walkway

Create a boardwalk in your back yard

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How to Remove Tile From a Concrete Floor

Create a smooth surface for new tile

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How to Caulk Concrete

Use foam backer rod and keep the caulk bead thin.

How to Install Cement Board on a Floor

Make a solid, durable base for floor tile.

2 Simple Steps to Protect Your Exterior Stonework

Doing this will extend the life of your exterior stone.

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Resurfacing a Sidewalk is Easy to DIY

A fresh, perfect surface for old concrete and a uniform look for new repairs.

How to Choose the Right Retaining Wall Material

Learn the pros and cons of stone, wood and concrete block retaining walls

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Garage Flooring Options

Choose the floor that's perfect for your needs and budget

Replace a Section of Sidewalk

Here are three facts about concrete: It’s hard, it will eventually crack, and it’s expensive when installed by a professional.

NuDeck by UGL: Concrete Application

The NuDECK coating makes my stairs pop! The paint will also protect my concrete from deterioration from Minnesota winters. A...

Masonry Nailing Trick

If you’ve always had trouble driving masonry nails into concrete to mount furring strips or boards, try this trick.

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10 Surprising Things You Can Do with Concrete Blocks

From a succulent wall to an attractive sofa, these are some seriously creative ways to use concrete blocks.

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How to Build a DIY Pavilion

Does it seem like whenever you want to spend your day off outside, the weather foils your plans? Rain and...

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How to Install Fiber Cement Siding

How to cut, nail and install durable fiber siding, plus caulking and painting tips.