The road to becoming a master carpenter starts with learning these expert skills and techniques.

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    Which Is The Best Kind Of Hammer Head?

    Not all hammer heads are created equal. But which one is the best?

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    13 Amazing Cabins You Have to See to Believe

    From luxury mountainside cabins with a view to simple handcrafted log homes, there are cabins for just about every style...

    Best Practices for Trim Removal

    There’s an art to removing trim. Learn how to salvage the trim you want, while keeping the collateral damage to...

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    What to Know About Coping Trim

    Here's a quick little rundown on what to know about coping trim for inside corners.

    Cutting and Installing Plastic Trim

    Learn the secrets of successful PVC trim installation.

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    10-Minute House Repair and Home Maintenance Tips

    Simple fixes to household headaches that take 10 minutes or less — these home repairs are quick and easy.

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    9 Things Carpenters Always Do Working On Their Homes

    Ever wonder what practices, principles, tools and materials pro carpenters can't live without? Discover nine of them so you can...

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    How to Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets

    Get a pro-quality look with a DIY budget

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    17 Most Common Carpentry Mistakes Beginners Make

    We talked to a pro to learn the most common mistakes made by carpentry beginners to help you bend the...

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    How to Build an Easy DIY Folding Table

    Build a solid, durable folding table in a day.

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    Interior Trim Work Basics

    All the trim basics from start to finish, plus a clever way to get those miters tight

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    Sawhorse Plans

    Five great sawhorses for your DIY workshop

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    How to Build an Under-the-Stairs Storage Unit

    Organized, easy-access storage — and lots of it!

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    How to Build a 2-in-1 Coffee/Dining Table

    A coffee table that becomes a dining table or a...

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    A Step-by-Step Guide to Fireplace Refacing

    From dull and dated to modern masterpiece in one weekend.

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    How to Build a Dynamic Accent Wall

    Turn a blank wall into a showpiece that transforms the entire room!

    A Pro Carpenter’s Guide to Framing Basement Walls

    A poor framing job can bring a whole mess of problems, so we asked a professional framing carpenter how to...

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    How to Cope Joints for Wood Corner Trim

    Professional techniques for coping perfect molding and trim joints.

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    How to Install Baseboard Molding, Even on Crooked Walls

    Wall molding: Install great-looking baseboards on any problem wall.

    11 Female DIYers Who Are Changing the Game

    Women have carved out a powerful space for themselves in DIY. Find out more about just a few of our...

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    How to Make a DIY Dog House

    Your dog will love it. And so will you.

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    How to Build a Backyard DIY Ring Toss Game

    Your whole family will love this fun yard game.

    Fixing Warped Deck Joists

    Warped deck joists can be a problem, whether you're building a new deck or resurfacing an old one. Joists dry...

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    How to Upgrade Your Shower in a Weekend

    Get an impressive shower upgrade without breaking the bank or turning your basement into a jobsite.

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    How to Increase Storage Space In Your Bathroom

    Turn unused bathroom space into a hidden yet functional cabinet. 

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    12 Useful Home Depot Shopping Tips

    The Home Depot offers a wealth of materials, resources and a customer-friendly return policy. But there are a few secrets...

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    8 Tips for Building a Treehouse

    Ready to build your kid the coolest treehouse on the block? Start here with all the info you need, including...

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    8 Carpentry Tips and Advice From Actual Professionals

    We asked carpentry pros who have spent years sawing through 2x4's and pounding nails to pass along some of the...

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    11 Essential Tools for Carpenters

    I've been a carpenter for 40-plus years, but the carpenter tools I use daily haven't changed much from day...