Workshop ideas to create a well-organized workshop with plenty of storage space and workspace for all your do-it-yourself projects.

Workshop projects

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  • Rosin Paper Workbench Cover

    Protect your workbench with rosin paper. Install this simple paper holder at one end of the bench and roll it out when you need it.

  • Pencils at the Ready

    Insert pencils into holes drilled in the edges of shelves, or put small screw eyes into the erasers and hang ’em from nails.

  • Do it right. Do it yourself.

    The Family Handyman is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • Jointer Hold-Downs

    Use a couple of rubber sponge floats to hold down boards on your jointer. Typically used in stucco work, sponge floats are excellent hold-downs.

  • Joint-Cutting Box

    Build this box from plywood or medium-density fiberboard and use it to cut tenons, lap joints, rabbets and other joints on the ends of boards.

  • Putty Syringe

    An oral syringe ($2 at pharmacies) works great for precisely injecting putty into nail holes or other dents and cracks, according to our reader.

  • Electric Carving Knife in the Shop

    Got some rigid polyurethane foam, Styrofoam or soft upholstery foam you want to cut? Smuggle the electric carving knife out of the kitchen.

  • Tool Table Rejuvenation

    Here’s a quick, two-step method for cleaning cast iron tables on power tools and protecting them from moisture and corrosion.

  • Bed-of-Nails Finishing Stand

    Paint drips can’t collect on the bottom edges of your project if it floats a tad above the worktable while you spray it.

  • Belt Sander Sanding Block

    A long sanding block built to receive belt sander belts is a nice shop accessory. And you’ll use it more often than you think.

  • Pointy-Tool Pincushion

    Store router bits, drill bits, screwdrivers, awls, pencils, Allen wrenches and hole saws in a hunk of 1-1/2-in.-thick rigid foam insulation.

  • Universal Outfeed Support

    Need a hand to support jumbo workpieces at the table saw, drill press, band saw, router table or planer? Check out this universal outfeed…

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