Workshop ideas to create a well-organized workshop with plenty of storage space and workspace for all your do-it-yourself projects.

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  • Tin Can Glue Bottle Storage

    An empty tin can comes in handy for storing glue bottles upside down in the workshop. Storing glue upside down means you won’t have to wait (for…

  • Safer Blade Disposal

    I don’t like tossing used blades, damaged nails and other sharp objects into the garbage can because they can slice open the trash bag and be…

  • Do it right. Do it yourself.

    The Family Handyman is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • Some of Our Favorite Shop Tips

    Looking for ways to work smarter in your woodshop? Here are 19 tips from a seasoned woodworker and do-it-yourselfer.

  • Rosin Paper Workbench Cover

    Protect your workbench with rosin paper. Install this simple paper holder at one end of the bench and roll it out when you need it.

  • Pencils at the Ready

    Insert pencils into holes drilled in the edges of shelves, or put small screw eyes into the erasers and hang ’em from nails.

  • Jointer Hold-Downs

    Use a couple of rubber sponge floats to hold down boards on your jointer. Typically used in stucco work, sponge floats are excellent hold-downs.

  • Joint-Cutting Box

    Build this box from plywood or medium-density fiberboard and use it to cut tenons, lap joints, rabbets and other joints on the ends of boards.

  • Putty Syringe

    An oral syringe ($2 at pharmacies) works great for precisely injecting putty into nail holes or other dents and cracks, according to our reader.

  • Electric Carving Knife in the Shop

    Got some rigid polyurethane foam, Styrofoam or soft upholstery foam you want to cut? Smuggle the electric carving knife out of the kitchen.

  • Tool Table Rejuvenation

    Here’s a quick, two-step method for cleaning cast iron tables on power tools and protecting them from moisture and corrosion.

  • Bed-of-Nails Finishing Stand

    Paint drips can’t collect on the bottom edges of your project if it floats a tad above the worktable while you spray it.

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