Saturday Morning Workshop: How To Build A Lockable Storage Cabinet

Learn how to utilize the beauties of pegboard and adjustable shelving with this inexpensive, lockable storage cabinet.


A few hours






There are a lot of dangerous tools and products around the home that kids can get into, especially in your workshop and garage. This lockable cabinet gives you a safe place to store chemicals, paint, pest control products, sharp tools and other potentially dangerous objects. And because every bit of it is usable for storage, it holds a lot without requiring much wall space. Hooks and tension clips in the pegboard back and on both sides of the pegboard doors give you plenty of hanging room. The back of the cabinet and inner door frames can be fitted with adjustable shelves. It’s built as three easy-to-assemble boxes, and should take less than three hours to complete. The materials used are inexpensive: pegboard and 1x6-in. pine. The cabinet could be painted or stained and used in the house as an extra pantry, cleaning supplies closet or hobby center.

Tools Required

  • Drill/driver
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Miter saw

Materials Required

  • 1/4-in. pegboard (2 - 4'x8' sheets)
  • 1x3x6' pine
  • 1x6x8' pine (7)
  • 4-1/2 in. locking hasp
  • 4x4-in. hinges (6)
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Painter's tape

What It Takes

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Cost: $80
  • Skill level: Beginner

Cutting List

Lockable Storage Cabinet Cutting List

Tech Art

Lockable Storage Cabinet Tech Art

Project step-by-step (8)

Step 1

Cut pieces to size

Lockable Storage Cabinet Cut Parts

Cut the following pieces from standard 1×6 pine stock to length:

  • Two 7-ft. boards for the center box sides (A)
  • Two 2-ft. 10-1/2 in. boards for the top and bottom of the center box (B)
  • Four 6-ft. boards for the two door boxes (C)
  • Four 16-1/4 in. boards for the top and bottom of the doors (D)
  • Four 16-in. boards for the shelves (H)

Rip and crosscut the pegboard to the following sizes

  • One 36” x 6’ for the center box pegboard (E)
  • Two 17-3/4” x 6’ for the door pegboards (F)

Crosscut the 1×3 Pine to

  • Two 34-1/2” boards for the mounting strips (G)
  • Two 3-in. parts for the locking hasp block (J)

Step 2

Assemble the door frames

Lockable Storage Cabinet Door frames

Assemble the door frames, following the tech art. Predrill to avoid splitting on the ends of boards. Use 1-3/4 in. drywall screws to make all connections. Fasten the pegboard (F) to the edges of the door frames with wood glue and 1-3/4 in. screws.