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Rolling Storage From Old Tires

Updated: Mar. 20, 2019

Paint, stack and transform tires into an ottoman for your craft stash

Recycle old spares into pretty conversation pieces that look anything but tired.

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What You’ll Need for This Project:

  • 2 tires with 13-1/2-in.-diameter openings (see note below project directions)
  • Two 1×17-3/4-in. precut pinewood circles
  • Two 13-oz. cans Zinsser Bulls Eye 1-2-3 Bright White spray primer
  • 12-oz. can Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2x Ultra Cover Heirloom White satin spray paint
  • Four 1-5/8-in. black caster wheels with stems
  • 8 oz. can honey maple wood stain
  • Brushes for priming and staining
  • 1 yard of desired 44-in.-wide fabric
  • Coordinating all-purpose thread
  • 1x22x22-in. square high-density upholstery foam pad
  • 3 yards of 1/4-in. stretch elastic
  • Four 4-in. screws with nuts
  • Power drill
  • Standard sewing supplies

Project Directions:

tire ottoman craft storagePhoto: Courtesy of Country Woman Magazine

1. Apply primer to exterior of tires. Let dry. Spray-paint exterior of tires. Let dry.

2. Lightly sand wood circles and wipe with a dry rag. Apply one coat of stain on each side. Let dry.

3. Trace a circle onto foam pad, using wood circle as a pattern; cut out. Center foam circle on back of fabric; mark a circle 10 in. larger all the way around. Cut out fabric circle.

4. Turn over edge of fabric circle and sew a 3/4-in. pocket all the way around for the elastic. Attach a safety pin to one end of elastic; thread elastic through pocket. Remove pin.

5. With edges even, stack foam circle on top of one wood circle. With right side up, center fabric circle on top of foam. Pull fabric around the sides of the stacked pieces, and pull the elastic tight, making fabric taut on top. Tie ends of elastic together and cut excess.

6. Draw a square on one side of remaining wood circle so the four corners touch edge of circle. Drill a 3/8-in. hole through the wood 1/2 in. from each corner. Attach casters at holes.

7. Drill two holes for 4-in. screws through wood circle with wheels, positioning the holes on opposite sides of the circle. Place wood circle on bottom of a tire, then drill through holes and tire. In each hole, insert a 4-in. screw from the wood through the tire and secure tightly with nut.

8. Use drill and remaining two screws to attach tires so wheels are at the bottom. Place cushion on ottoman.

NOTE: If needed, scrub tires with a grease-cutting cleaner before applying primer.

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Photo: Courtesy of Country Woman Magazine

This story originally appeared in Country Woman Magazine