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5 Quick Kitchen Spice Storage Solutions

Updated: Jan. 21, 2021

Tired of opening your cabinet doors to an avalanche of spices? It's time to corral and organize – try these quick ideas and still have time to bake a cake!

Quick kitchen spice storage solutions
The key to organizing spices is thinking both small and big. Find ways to keep small things organized in big spaces.

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No-Paint Drawer Inserts

Repurpose Paint Stirrers

Hot glue paint stirrers (or or small scraps of wood) together at a 90-degree angle to tilt spices in a drawer. Run a line of hot glue along the bottom edges as well and let dry – this creates a gummy texture that holds the sticks in place in the drawer.


Under-Cabinet Velcro

Press one side of an adhesive Velcro square to the top of a spice jar, and the other to the underside of the upper cabinet nearest the stove. Just rip, shake and stick when needed.

Fridge-Friendly Basket

Harness the Power of Magnets

Glue heavy-duty magnets to the side of a plastic or wire pencil bin, and stick to the side of your refrigerator for quick access. Try stacking a few bins in a row, and organize each by type – baking, grilling, Italian, etc

Easy-to-Make Labels

Keep Names on Top

If your spices are on display, why not match your decor? Search online for free printable spice labels or create your own. Print, laminate with a strip of packing tape and cut perfect circles by using a 1-inch craft punch. Unify mismatched bottles, by funneling into matching empty jars – you can often find these in your grocery store’s bulk spices section.

Repurpose a Pan

Wall-Mounted Spice Storage

Create a functioning focal point by mounting a deep metal cake pan to the wall. Drill a hole through the bottom of the pan and mount to the wall with an anchor. Lay spices in pan on their sides, and lesser-used spices will automatically roll towards the bottom over time.