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Patio PVC Furniture

Updated: Jun. 28, 2019

Where to find parts and plans for making DIY PVC furniture.

PVC furniture
Make your own outdoor chairs, tables, chaise lounges and more from high-quality, exterior-grade PVC. Create PVC pipe patio furniture in a range of colors and styles.

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Make your own patio PVC furniture

Interested in making cool stuff out of PVC pipe? It’s easy—if you have the right materials. You can even make your own PVC pipe patio furniture. The PVC pipe offered at home centers for plumbing isn’t the best to use for furniture or outdoor projects because it’s brittle, ugly and can’t stand up to the sun. To make long-lasting furniture, use specially formulated, furniture-grade PVC fittings and piping. Furniture grade PVC is sleeker, colorfast (available in white and colors), impact resistant and UV resistant, and has no unsightly printing or stampings. You can even make curves and shapes by heat bending it.

To find suppliers of PVC pipe patio furniture materials (some of whom also sell plans) search “furniture grade PVC pipe.”