How to Make DIY Cat Toys

If you're wondering, "How do I make my own cat toys?" We've got four simple DIY homemade cat toy ideas for you.

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Let's get started making these DIY cat toys!

Tools Required

  • Box cutter
  • Drill
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Cat parents will do anything to keep their feline friends happy and purring. Sometimes this means spending lots of money on cat furniture, toys and treats. However, you don’t have to spend a ton of money when you can make some of the best cat toys yourself. Your cat will love these cheap and simple DIY cat toys just as much. Let’s get started!

Project step-by-step (5)

Step 1

Materials Required

DIY Catnip Yarn Balls:

  1. Dried Catnip
  2. Styrofoam balls (preferably golfball size)
  3. Mod Podge glue
  4. Yarn

Toilet Paper Rolls Cat Toy:

  1. Toilet paper rolls
  2. Preferred dry cat food (We like the DentaLife treats)

DIY Cat Wand:

  1. Dowel
  2. Brightly colored twine
  3. Fabric scraps
  4. Small jingle bells

Cardboard Box Scratch Post:

  1. Cardboard
  2. Elmer’s glue
Step 2

DIY Catnip Yarn Balls

Cats LOVE catnip, so make your furry friend happy by DIYing these Catnip Yarn Balls. To begin, lightly coat the styrofoam balls with Mod Podge and roll them in dried catnip. Allow the catnip and glue to dry slightly before wrapping the balls with yarn.

To start wrapping the balls with yarn, squeeze a small bead of hot glue onto the catnip ball and press the yarn into the glue to begin wrapping. The wrapping doesn’t have to be perfect. Wrap the yarn in one direction for a few turns, then switch directions to hit another space on the catnip ball. Finish the ball with another small squeeze of hot glue to secure the yarn. Looking for more ideas to keep your cat happy? Learn how to build a DIY cat tree and tower.

cat with yarn ballVasilev Evgenii/Shutterstock

Step 3

Toilet Paper Rolls Cat Toy

To make this simple homemade cat toy, hold your toilet paper roll at one end, and put  5-10 cat treats inside the tube. There should be enough treats inside the tube to make a rattling noise when you shake it—cat’s love rattling toys. Then fold the other end of the tube the same way. Your cat will love this toy!

Food Puzzle for Cats DIY Cat Toyjessjeppe/Shutterstock

Step 4

DIY Cat Wand

You probably already know that cats love chasing after wand toys. The thing is they get destroyed quickly, and you end up buying one after another and cleaning up your cat’s mess. Stop the spending cycle with this simple DIY cat wand project that you can make with stuff lying around the house.

To begin, drill a small hole about 1 inch down from the top of a dowel. Use this hole to string a piece of brightly colored twine through and secure one end with several knots. Leave an excess amount of twine, about 10-12 inches, so that you can tie fabric scraps and jingle bells to the end.

Take all of your fabric scraps and tie them to the end of the twine. Next, tie jingle bells to different pieces of fabric.  

Diy Cat Toy Eleonora Cecchini/Getty Images

Step 5

Cardboard Box Scratch Post

No cat owner’s home is complete without a scratching post, but have you noticed how ugly some of those things are? Make this easy cardboard scratching post instead.

Use up some of the packaging boxes laying around and cut the cardboard into strips. Measure two inch lines for each cut. This allows for a good scratch post depth. Not to mention, once one side is shredded up, it can simply be flipped over.

Next, apply glue to each strip and place them together, one on-top of another. Continue until all strips are glued together. Place something heavy on top of the strips while the glue dries. Once the glue dries, let your furry friend enjoy their new scratcher.

cat scratching cardboardYimmyphotography/Shutterstock