How to Install the Ring Pathlights

Ring Pathlights are great smart home security products and installation is very simple. Follow the steps below to install the Pathlights in no time at all.

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Ring’s smart light line is composed of incredible products and the battery-powered Pathlights are the MVP. They are as handsome as they are functional and sold at a fair price. The Ring Pathlights are also easy to install. If you already have some smart products, you probably understand the process. The only surprise is that you need the Ring Bridge to make the Pathlights work. Follow the step-by-step instructions to correctly install the Ring Pathlights and the Ring Bridge.

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Step 1

Decide Where to Place the Ring Bridge

how to install ring pathlights bridge componentsFamily Handyman

You cannot connect a Ring device to a Ring Doorbell/Camera without the Bridge. It extends your home’s Wi-Fi and allows your Ring devices to communicate with each other. You must set up your Ring Doorbell/Camera first before setting up the Ring Bridge and Pathlights. Ring suggests you place the Bridge between your home’s Wi-Fi and the smart lighting. Decide where you want to place the Ring Bridge.

The Bridge comes with a wall mount if you aren’t able to place the device on a shelf or table. Mount the Bridge with drywall anchors. The Bridge weighs almost nothing so basic drywall anchors are perfectly fine.

Step 2

Install the Ring Bridge

install ring bridge pathlightsFamily Handyman

On the Ring – Always Home application, select Set Up a Device > Smart Lighting > select the correct address. Scan the QR code on the back of the device and plug the Ring Bridge in.

The Ring app will walk you through the rest of the process which begins with the blue light flashing on the Bridge. The app will ask you to join the “Ridge-” Wi-Fi network. After you accept, the app will search for your home’s Wi-Fi. Once the Ring Bridge joins your home’s Wi-Fi, it is completely set up.

Step 3

Set Up the Ring Pathlights

ring pathlight qr code install pathlightFamily Handyman

After setting up the Ring Bridge, the Ring – Always Home application will ask you if you want to set up smart lights. Select the correct smart light product, in our case the Pathlight, and scan the QR code. To access the QR code, press the lock button, slide off the battery chamber and you can find the QR code on the back.

Insert 4 D cell batteries into the Ring Pathlight. The Pathlight will flash a couple times letting you know the Pathlight is connected and live.

Step 4

Add Linked Devices

install ring pathlight add linked devicesFamily Handyman

After the Ring Pathlight flashes, you can link the product to your other devices. The Ring app will bring up your other devices. When the Pathlight detects motion, you can have your Doorbell/Camera start recording or do nothing. If you have more smart lights, you can have the lights turn on when the Pathlights detect motion. You can adjust these settings after you finish installing the Pathlights.

Step 5

Install the Ring Pathlights

install ring pathlight motion sensorFamily Handyman

After you set up the Ring Pathlights, you can go outside and place them in the ground. The Pathlights come with detachable stakes. Use a rubber mallet if you need to pound the stakes into the ground.

The stake has a mark that shows which way the sensor should face. Pound the stake into the ground and screw on the rest of the light.

The Pathlight’s motion sensor is the half-globe piece above the battery lock. It has a 140-degree field of view with a 15-foot range. Place the Pathlights so they cover the most amount of ground as possible.