How to Install an Outdoor Security Camera

We'll walk you through the simple DIY and tech involved.


A few hours






Install a battery-powered, no-hassle, wire-free outdoor security camera.

Tools Required

  • Cordless drill
  • Phillips-head screwdriver
  • Smart phone or tablet

Materials Required

  • Outdoor security camera

Project step-by-step (7)

Step 1

Initial Account Setup

  • With your mobile device or tablet, search the app store for the brand of camera you have, then download the app.
  • Create an account in the app using your email. You will also need a password.
  • Verify your new account by entering a PIN code sent to your email.
  • Protect your account with your phone number, so you receive text or voice calls to verify it’s really you making changes to your account.

Step 2

Add a Sync Module and Create a System

  • From the home screen, tap the “+”¬†icon to add Blink device. (See photo.)
  • On the next screen tap, “Blink wireless camera system.” (See photo.)
  • Scan QR code on the back of the sync module.
  • On the next screen, create a new system and name.
  • Plug in your Sync Module and then wait for the light pattern of blinking¬†blue and steady green, then tap “Discover Device.”

Blink Add Device

Blink Sync Module

Step 3

Connect to WiFi

  • Next, you are asked to join your home WiFi network. You will need your WiFi password.
  • Your new camera system name should appear at the top of the Home screen.

Blink Wi Fi

Step 4

Onboarding the Camera

  • Remove the back cover of the camera by turning the screw counter-clockwise and pulling the cover off the camera housing.
  • From the home screen, tap the “+” icon to add wireless camera.
  • On the next screen, tap “Blink wireless camera” and scan the QR code on the inside of the camera. (See photo.)
  • Select the system to add the camera to. When onboarding is complete, tap “Done” to reach the Home screen.
  • Install the batteries in the camera and secure the back cover by turning the screw clockwise.

Blink Wireless

Step 5

Camera Placement

  • Place your camera in an area where you have the most surveillance coverage of your property.
  • Keep in mind high traffic areas will trigger motion detection and constantly send you alerts on your device.
  • If your camera needs a power source, you will need to install your camera near an outlet or have a way to get power to the camera.
  • Placing the camera at least eight feet off the ground makes it more difficult to steal.

Home Security camera Blink Home Security

Step 6

Installing the Camera

  • Attach the camera mount to a solid surface using the two screws provided. It’s a good idea to pre-drill the holes.
  • Press-fit the camera onto the connecting point of the mount. You should hear a click, indicating a secure attachment.
  • Adjust the camera to the desired viewing zone.


Step 7

Camera Setting

  • Once your home security system is up and running, learn its different features.
    • Camera: Armed and disarmed.
    • Motion Detection: Enable zones, sensitivity, motion recording, recording length and notifications.
    • Night Vision: Control (on, off, auto), IR intensity (low, med, high).
    • Audio: Enable microphone, speaker volume.
    • Video: Quality (saver, standard, best).
    • Photo Capture: Enable (on, off).

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