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DIY Wall Art: Paint Over an Old Canvas

Updated: Sep. 02, 2021

Upcycle an old, unattractive canvas into a modern piece of wall art featuring a bold chevron pattern and metallic gold accents.

DIY wall art chevron
Create your own wall art with a secondhand canvas, some painter’s tape and an accent of eye-catching metallic gold paint.

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Tools & Materials

  • Secondhand canvas
  • White paint/primer
  • Colorful paint colors (3 colors)
  • Gilding paint
  • Painter’s tape
  • Straightedge
  • Roller
  • Small paintbrushes

Cover the old artwork

wall art covering old image

Paint over the original artwork with a few coats of white paint/primer. Allow the white paint to dry completely.

Mark the centers

wall art marking new canvas

Use a pencil to mark the center of the canvas and the center of each side of the canvas with small dots.

Straightedge template

wall art tape straightedge

Add tape to your straightedge and use a pencil to mark the starting points for each chevron stripe. Vary the widths of the stripes for added visual interest.

Transfer the pattern

wall art transfer pattern from straightedge

Place the straightedge along the center of half of the canvas. Use a pencil to transfer the starting points for each chevron stripe along the center of the canvas.

wall art add marks for ends of chevron stripes

Next, place the straightedge along one side of the canvas and move it down 3 in. from the center. Place a light dot along the edge of the canvas at each mark on the straightedge. This will indicate where each chevron stripe ends. Repeat the steps above until the start and end points for all chevron stripes are marked lightly on the canvas.

Tape off the stripes, paint and repeat

wall art mask off stripes

wall art mask off all stripes

Mask off the stripes by stretching a piece of painter’s tape from each start mark to each end mark.

wall art paint between tape

wall art painting and taping chevron

wall art painting gold leaf

wall art painting gold leaf chevron stripes

Paint the chevron stripes and allow the paint to dry before removing the tape. Repeat this step until all stripes are painted. If needed, touch up any colors that may have bled. Then your DIY wall art is ready to hang in any room.