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DIY Bathroom Storage

Updated: May 19, 2022

In a small bathroom, every square inch counts. Use these clever tips to wring extra bathroom storage from unexpected places.

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Who doesn't need more storage space in their bathroom? These clever tips will help you take advantage of every square inch so you can keep all of your bathroom supplies tidy, well organized, and close at hand.

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Hidden toothbrush organizer

Cut notches in the cabinet shelf

If you keep your toothbrushes in the medicine cabinet stacked on a shelf, they probably fall out when you open the door. If you cut notches in the cabinet shelves, you’ll solve this annoying nuisance. Use a rotary tool along with a woodcutting bit and sanding drum.

Razor holder

Use PVC pipe and plastic tie straps

Keep your razor from falling into the tub with this simple holder. Cut a 3-in. length of 1-in. PVC pipe with a handsaw. Cut two 1/8-in.-wide notches in the pipe. Strap the pipe to your wire shower caddy with two plastic tie straps hooked in the notches. Drop the razor into the pipe; the blade will catch on the edges of the pipe, keeping the razor off the floor.

Quick-grip electric toothbrush holder

Mount electric toothbrushes on your cabinet

Most toothbrush holders aren’t big enough for electric toothbrushes. They end up falling out of the holder or taking up too much room on the vanity. Here’s a clever storage idea: Make a holder for them using large grip-type clips. Mount the clips on your medicine chest or on a piece of wood that you can hang on the wall. The clips work great to keep your toothbrushes secure!

Use large, grip-type clips

Use the kind of large grip-type clips you normally use for brooms or garden tools, (available at hardware stores and home centers for $3.50 a pair).

Glass shower shelf

Store shower supplies on a handy shelf

Tired of the clutter of shampoo and conditioner bottles along the rim of your tub? This tempered safety glass shelf on a cable shelf bracket is an easy small bathroom storage idea. The cable shelf bracket requires only two screws for support. If studs aren’t located in the right positions, use toggle bolts to anchor the shelf brackets. The glass hangs on the cables. The cable shelf brackets (No. CSB5B) are available online from and cost $21 per pair. Order a tempered glass shelf from a local glass company. The 3/8-in.-thick, 12-in.-deep shelf shown here cost $64.

PVC curling iron holsters

Use PVC pipe curling irons and cords

Hate the messy look of curling irons lying on the vanity or the toilet tank? Here’s a tip for you. Use hook-and-loop tape to attach 5-in. lengths of 2-in.- diameter PVC pipe to the vanity door to hold the curling irons. Do the same thing with 3-in. pieces of 1-1/2-in.-diameter pipe to hold the cords. Just measure your curling irons to see how long your “holsters” need to be. Let your curling irons cool before you stow them away.

Magnetic toothbrush holder

Use magnets and a Corian mounting strip

Do your toothbrushes end up lying on a wet, messy vanity? Here’s a clever solution: Mount neodymium (“rare earth”) magnets on a Corian mounting strip with Super Glue. Glue the strip to the wall with Super Glue or silicone caulk. Note: Neodymium magnets are incredibly strong but break if handled roughly. Order several more than you need—shipping is expensive. Also, don’t handle neodymium magnets if you wear a pacemaker, and never leave them next to your computer. For more safety information, see the “Neo Mag Safety” link at

Make the mounting strip

To make the mounting strip, cut a Corian threshold ($12 at tile stores) with a miter saw or jigsaw. Mark the position of the magnets and glue them on the mounting strip, orienting the magnets so they attract each other. Neodymium magnets are available from (888-746-7556) and other Internet suppliers. Shown here are 1/2-in. x 2-in. x 1/8-in. magnets, grade N42 ($3.50 each). You can double them up if you need more holding power.

Glue the mounting strip in place

Glue the mounting strip to the wall with Super Glue, hot-melt glue or silicone caulk.

Make any toothbrush stick

Battery-powered toothbrushes have hidden steel parts that stick to magnets. Mount standard toothbrushes by adding a tiny screw or metal washer to the back.

Under-cabinet cleanup

Adhesive tile spruces up storage areas

When the floor of your sink cabinet needs a spruce-up, lay down squares of self-adhesive vinyl tile. They’re about a buck a square at home centers and provide an easy-to-wipe clean surface.