Anti Slip Paint

Updated: Jun. 25, 2019

An inexpensive paint additive makes a slip-resistant surface

FH08DJA_TRACON_01-2Family Handyman
Buy a slip-resistant additive for a stair paint to make steps less slippery. It's easy and inexpensive.

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Non-slip concrete paint: Better traction on concrete

A non-skid additive

Mix the nonskid floor additive with the paint. Then apply the paint to give the surface a rough texture to help prevent slips.

If you’re concerned about potential falls from slipping on concrete steps, consider painting them with a special non-slip additive. Paint stores sell inexpensive additives that you mix with a gallon of any type of paint or solid-color stain to give you better traction on concrete surfaces. The additive won’t change the color of the paint or stain, but it provides texture to improve traction. Don’t expect a completely slip-resistant surface.

Stir the additive into the paint (one package per gallon), then apply the paint with a paintbrush or roller. If you’re applying more than one coat, put the additive in the final coat.

Required Tools for this anti-slip paint for concrete project

You’ll need basic painting tools.

Required Materials for this anti-skid paint project

Avoid last-minute shopping trips by having all your materials ready ahead of time. Here’s a list.

  • Non-skid additive
  • Paint for concrete