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How To Make Disinfectant Wipes

Sick of buying disposable disinfectant wipes? Make your own and reduce plastic waste with this easy DIY project.

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How To Clean Ceiling Fans

This method is simple, ingenious and cheap. What's better than that?

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How To Clean an Oven With Lemon

Do you have a dirty oven? How about a couple of lemons? That, and two hours, are all you need...

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How To Clean a Microwave With Lemon

You don't need commercial cleaners to get your microwave sparkling. Lemon's all-natural cleaning power does the job quickly and safely.

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How To Install a Window or Vent in Your Van or Camper

Feeling a little stuffy inside your adventure or work van? Here's how to transform your space with a window.

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How To Keep Above-Ground Water Systems from Freezing

If your home or cabin has an above-ground water system, freezing is a serious risk. Here's how I keep my...

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How to Build a DIY Barstool

If you know your way around a table saw, you can make this barstool. Read on to learn how.

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How to Make a Simple Wooden Box

Here's a practical project to hone your woodworking skills.

How to Build Faux Basement Windows That Provide Real Light

This project uses a slim LED light panel mounted in a simple frame to give you light and the illusion...

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How to Build Your Own Drawer Slides

Make your own drawer slides for your next cabinetry project with these easy step-by-step plans.

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How To Light a Gas Fireplace

Ready for a cozy evening by the fire, but not sure how to light your gas fireplace? This project shows...

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How To Build a DIY Cat Tree and Tower

Cat trees don't have to be boring pet store affairs. Make this rugged tree in a weekend.

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How To Fix Concrete Foundation Wall Cracks

Got a cracked concrete basement wall? Fixing it isn't as hard as you might think. Learn a foundation wall repair...

How To Sharpen and Tune Up a Hand Plane

Got a hand plane that's not performing well? It could be dull, need tuning up, or both. Let us show...

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How To Clean a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are great, but mineral buildup can kill their efficiency fast. Here's how to clean a tankless water...

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How To Sharpen a Chainsaw The Easy Way

Chainsaws make cutting wood a cinch, but you'll soon be stuck if you don't know how to sharpen the chain....

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How To Start a Fire in a Fireplace

Put away the lighter fluid, blowtorch and pine needles! Here's how to fire up your fireplace safely, smoothly and without...

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How To Make Your Own Christmas Cracker

Fun, festive Christmas crackers are a holiday staple across the Commonwealth. I tried my hand at making the snappy party...

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Christmas Decor From Nature: How to Make DIY Porch Pots

Create DIY Christmas decor from nature with winter container plants that will look beautiful well into the new year.

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How To Clean an Outdoor Fire Pit

Clean your fire pit? It's a good idea, and you probably have most of the needed items on hand. Here's...

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How To Replace a Range Hood Filter

Keep your kitchen clean and grease free by replacing your range hood filter every six months. Here's how.

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How To Install Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar shingle siding is beautiful, durable and probably not as difficult to install as you think. Here's how to install...

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How To Break Down a Pallet Safely

Knowing how to break down a wood pallet without injury is the first step to turning it into a DIY...

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How To Install Ice-Proof Rain Gutters

Ice accumulation on your roof can be a major problem over a long winter. Learn how to install ice-proof rain...

How To Install Butcher Block Countertops

Wooden counters add depth and natural flair to your kitchen. Here's how to install butcher block countertops.

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Why Is My Freezer Not Freezing?

Your refrigerator's freezer compartment has one job. So if your freezer is not freezing, give these DIY fixes a try.

Easy Woodcarving Project: How To Carve a Wooden Duck

If you're looking for a beginner wood carving project, a duck is a great place to start. Follow these steps...

How To Wax a Boat

Boats are made for fun in the sun, but that sun (and water) dulls the surface over time. Learn how...

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How To Hang Christmas Lights Outdoors

Hanging Christmas lights outdoors doesn't have to be overwhelming. Let's take it in stages and make it a fun holiday...

How To Restore a Hardwood Deck

It's possible to restore a deck and preserve the rich color tones of the hardwood. Here's how to do it!

How To Winterize a Pressure Washer

Own a pressure washer that needs to be put to bed for winter? Follow this detailed guide on how to...