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    Check it Out: DEWALT Cordless Stud/Joist Drill

    We tested out this drill designed for rough-in work. Read on to see how it stacked up.

    Stuff We Love: Cool Technology

    Get on the cutting edge of the construction industry with this cool technology.

    Stuff We Love: Painting Tools

    Be better prepared for anything that comes your way on the job with these three pro painting products we love.

    Stuff We Love: Painting Tools (VIDEO)

    On this week's episode of Stuff We Love, Marty Dyck showcases three products that should be on every pro painter's...

    Stuff We Love: Woodworking Tools

    Marty Dyck shares three tools that all woodworkers should have around their workshop.

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    Stuff We Love: Jobsite Gear

    Heating and cooling jackets, a magnetic wristband and strapless kneepads are a few of our favorite must-have items for the...