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      Stuff We Love: Tools & Products for the Great Outdoors

      Do you spend as much time outdoors as possible? If so, these tools and products will make your open-air time...

      PVC Pipe vs. ABS Pipe: How do you Choose?

      Ask a bunch of plumbers which is better and you probably wont get an answer, just an argument.

      There’s a Blade for That: The Many Types of Reciprocating Saw Blades

      There's a reciprocating saw blade for cutting just about anything you can think of. There are also other attachments, which...

      Best Air Tools for Automotive work

      You'll get more jobs done faster-and better-by expanding your collection of air tools. Air tools speed up auto work and...

      Best Black Friday Deals from Sears and Kmart

      Black Friday is right around the corner! Gain insider knowledge before anyone else with these deals and steals from Kmart...

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      14 Things to Do Now to Prepare for Back to School

      These tips will make the back to school transition easier for you and your child.

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      11 Things That Make Back to School More Fun for Teenagers

      While you're looking for the best back to school sales, be on the lookout for items that your teens will...

      Earn up to 50 Carhartt Bucks When You Shop Carhartt Gear

      Refresh your performance gear wardrobe and earn Carhartt Bucks at the same time! Shop for all your favorites during this...

      Amazon Just Dropped Early Black Friday DIY Deals

      Get a head start on holiday shopping with these Amazon early Black Friday deals including painting tools, furniture and a...

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      11 Things You Should NOT Do With Your Fallen Leaves

      If you don't want to annoy your neighbors, harm the environment or create a health risk, avoid these bad practices...

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      8 Leaf Blowers We Love

      Shopping for a leaf blower? Here's a list of great picks for every need, including something for every budget.

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      11 Best Leaf Rakes of 2021

      Some rakes are better suited to certain tasks than others. Learn about different types of leaf rakes — and which...

      One Piece vs. Two Piece Toilet: What’s The Difference?

      Before you buy your next toilet, read this and see which option is best for your bathroom.

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      How To Manage the Most Annoying Fall Pests

      Fall is the season where bugs and other pests start seeking warmer areas to settle. That makes your home a...

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      12 Tips for Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeders

      Let's be honest: There's no such thing as a squirrel-proof bird feeder. But you can at least take steps to...

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      Best Durable Laptops for Construction Pros

      Most laptops these days are ultralight and ultra fragile, so you don't want them on the jobsite. Not these. These...

      Best Car Wax Buffers and Polishers of 2021

      Want to wax or polish your vehicle, but not sure which tool is right for the job? Check out our...

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      Best Car Seat and Interior Cleaners of 2021

      These products are the best car seat cleaners to help keep your upholstery smelling fresh and looking good.

      Best Lowe’s Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

      Need an awesome gift for the DIYer in your life? Then read on.

      Discounts on Kidde Smoke Detectors and Products

      The Kidde smoke detector sale offers a rare opportunity to stock up on seldom-discounted fire safety essentials.

      The 15 Best Target Home Décor Pieces

      Transform any room with these gorgeous Target home décor picks. They're all interior designer approved and budget friendly.

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      Best Flowers for Bees and Other Pollinators

      Help the pollinators around your home by planting flowers for bees, many of which are easy to grow and low...

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      10 Perfect Plant Gifts for Any Home or Host

      Need the perfect gift? Plants are always on trend! Find the right one to suit any personality or occasion.

      Deals We Love: Must-Have Paintbrush Sets

      This week on Deals We Love, we found 60 percent off a set of five high quality paintbrushes in a...

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      Banish Pet Hair from Your House with These Brilliant Products

      As much as you love your pet, you despise all that fur that sticks to your clothing and furniture. These...