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      23 Things Every DIYer Should Own

      Whether you’re a novice or an expert, these tools are crucial for getting jobs done at home. Bet there isn’t...

      Improvised Caulk Gun

      Over the years, I have accumulated quite the collection of caulk guns because I'm always forgetting to bring one along...

      Portable Hot Glue Hack

      I like to be ready for anything, including making a quick repair with hot glue. But there's not always a...

      Brilliant Miter Box Clamp

      Try this trick for clamping moldings and lumber tightly inside your miter box.

      Get a Well-Lit Toolbox

      Bring your tools out of the dark with a cooler light

      Cheap Nail Holder

      Starting a small brad or nail is difficult if you can’t hold it in your fingers.

      Upcycled Miter Saw Stand

      Upcycle an old grill stand into something super handy like a miter saw stand

      No-Mark Mallet Hack

      I have a couple of black rubber mallets that I use to tap things into place, but they often leave...

      Router Gripper

      Use a carpet gripper or non-slip rug pad as a router pad.

      Super-Reach Bit Extender

      Next time you need a 3-ft. long screwdriver or drill bit, try this simple trick.

      Caulk Tube Seal Puncher

      Add a homemade seal puncher to your caulk gun.

      Laser Plumb Bob

      Turn your keychain laser pointer into a plumb bob.

      ‘The Price is Right’ Tool Caddy

      When working on small home projects, I’d fill my hands and pockets with assorted tools so the right tool was...

      Screwdriver Grip Tip

      To get a better grip on your plastic-handled screw-driver, put a rubber chair tip over the screwdriver’s plastic handle.

      Handsaw Cutting Clamp

      When you’re cutting with a handsaw, it’s hard to get an accurate start.

      Remote Nut Starter

      Need to get a nut started in a tight space where your fingers won’t fit?

      8 Home Improvement Deals You Can Snatch Up Before Memorial Day

      If you’re champing at the bit to get your outdoor projects started, now is the time! And your favorite home...

      Power Sander Hack: Sock Filter

      Replace a worn or missing sawdust collection bag on a power hand tool with an old sock.

      Genius Third-Hand Screw Holder

      Inserting a screw into a tight opening is a tricky task.

      Brilliant Caulking Extender

      If you have to get caulk into a tight spot, just tape a flexible drinking straw

      Free Hammer Mark Shield

      Prevent accidental hammer dimples by using a sample piece of laminate (available at any home center) as a shield.

      Trigger-Style Bench Clamps

      Make your clamps even more useful with this amazing, quick trick.

      So-Simple Drill Light

      To see what I’m drilling, I attach a pen light to the top of my drill with rubber bands.

      High-Flying Tree Limb Cutter

      Need to remove a branch that’s just out of reach of your pole trimmer or shears?

      Amazing Miter Joint Clamp

      Make these amazing miter joint clamps now so that you have them the next time someone needs a frame.

      Souped-Up Combo Square

      Drill two 3/16-in. holes in your combination square, one at the 1-in. mark and the other at the 4-in. mark....

      Baseball-Cap Trim Protector

      Prying a bent nail from woodwork with a hammer can leave an unsightly mark.