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Pro tips and techniques that will give you a helping hand in your daily life on the jobsite.

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    The Expert’s Guide to Ceiling Painting

    Learn all the best tips for painting clean and crisp-looking ceilings

    Tidy Tips From a Picky Painter

    You can tell a good paint job because the new wall paint is only on the wall. We asked a...

    Professional Tips for Efficient and Pain-Free Cabinet Installation

    Even the most experienced cabinet installers might learn a thing or two from this list of tips and tricks.

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    29 Simple Ways to Make Your Workbench Work Harder

    These ingenious workbench upgrades will make a huge difference in your workshop efficiency. And they’re easy to DIY!

    How to Operate a Skid Steer

    Renting and operating a skid steer can be intimidating. Read our tips on basic operations, hauling and safety, plus recommendations...

    Create Smooth Walls: A Mudslinger’s Guide

    Drywall taping is one of the most important jobs on any construction site. A skilled taper can hide a lot...

    15 Tips to Prevent Tools From Getting Stolen

    Tool thefts are on the rise. Prevent your tools from being stolen by following these tips.

    Tips for Creating Face Frame Cabinets

    Building face frames is rewarding and not as difficult as you might think. Here’s some great tips and sound advice...

    6 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Paint Sprayer

    Follow these tips from a painting expert to extend the life and performance of your paint sprayer.

    Essential Tips for HVAC Professionals

    One expert offers key tips on how HVAC professionals can stay ahead of the curve in an industry that is...

    Spray Foam Insulation Tips

    Never worked with two-part spray foam insulation before? Here's a guide on how to get in, get out and get...

    5 Tips To Win a Commercial Painting Project Bid

    Breaking into the commercial painting market can be great for your business. Use these tips to increase your chance at...

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    14 Expert Tips for Tight Miters

    Pro tricks for air-tight joints.

    Tips to Mini-Split Installation Success

    A mini-split system can add year-round comfort to any home, and they can be installed just about anywhere. Check out...

    Seven Plumbing Tricks You Have To Know

    Seven terrific tips and tricks from a long-time plumber

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    Wood Finishes That are Food Safe

    Choosing the correct finish is always a tough job, and when it comes to food safe finishes, that decision can...

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    Why You Should Chalk Your Metal Files

    This will keep your files from clogging when working with nonferrous metals.

    How To Use A Chalk Line

    Tips for making accurate, straight lines using a chalk line.

    Circular Saw Cutting Guide

    The circular saw is an indispensable tool, and these pro tips and tricks will help you get it done safer,...

    How to Properly Take Care of Lithium Ion Batteries

    Follow these battery care tips to make your lithium ion batteries last longer.

    Framing Tips Vol. 1

    Clear communication is key This is how I stay organized with myself and the guys. The first picture shows how

    Tips of the Trades Vol. 4

    Great tips from pros in the field

    Tips Of The Trades Vol.1

    Like grandpa used to say, “A place for every tool and every tool in it’s place.” Here're some tips to...

    Clamping and Gluing Tips and Tricks

    Health gurus say to "treat your body like a temple". Well, here at Construction Pro Tips we have a similar...

    Tips for Making Portable Tools for Your Workshop

    In the workshop, garage, basement or shed, having wheels on your tools and equipment means you can easily move them...

    Get Yourself out of Prickly Plumbing Predicaments

    Even pro plumbers run into unforeseen problems on the job. Veteran plumber Les Zell shares the cool tools and tips...