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      Can a warranty win you the job?

      Do you offer warranties? Your competitors do. Find out how many contractors are offering warranties, what they cover, and how...

      What You Need To Know About Dump Trailers

      Everything you ever wanted to know about dump trailers (And probably a couple things you didn’t).

      How to Handle Customer Expectations

      Great Expectations Four pro tips on how to cope with ever-growing consumer demands and better serve today’s digitally fluent customers

      Common Problems With Flipped Houses

      Author: Reuben Saltzman, Structure Tech Home Inspections Home flippers buy dilapidated houses, fix them up, then sell them again as quickly as

      Are Anti-Tip Brackets Required on Ranges?

      By Rueben Saltzman of Structure Tech Home Inspections This question comes from another home inspector: “Where can I find the requirement

      Framing Tips Vol. 1

      Clear communication is key This is how I stay organized with myself and the guys. The first picture shows how

      Master the Art Of Subway Tile

      Subway tiles are a great way to give a bathroom a brand new look. Here's our step-by-step guide to...

      Tips of the Trades Vol. 4

      Great tips from pros in the field

      Tips Of The Trades Vol.1

      Like grandpa used to say, “A place for every tool and every tool in it’s place.” Here're some tips to...

      3D Printing: The Future of Construction?

      Should carpenters be worried?

      New OSHA Regulations Set to Curb Lung Disease

      Enforcement of new OSHA regulations designed to limit the exposure of construction workers to silica dust took effect on...

      All of the Options for Deck Fasteners

      Has it been a while since you built your last deck? Did you fasten the wooden deck boards with nails...

      KEEN Utility Boots

      Keen is a footwear brand based in Portland, Oregon. We are big fans of their boots and wanted to find out...

      Clamping and Gluing Tips and Tricks

      Health gurus say to "treat your body like a temple". Well, here at Construction Pro Tips we have a similar...

      2017 Milwaukee Tool Product Symposium

      Milwaukee expands their already impressive cordless lineup. Check out some of the innovative tools that impressed us most, all in...

      New Tools and Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed

      Impress your coworkers on the jobsite with your impressive array of specially tools that they probably didn't even know existed.

      Tips for Making Portable Tools for Your Workshop

      In the workshop, garage, basement or shed, having wheels on your tools and equipment means you can easily move them...

      Get Yourself out of Prickly Plumbing Predicaments

      Even pro plumbers run into unforeseen problems on the job. Veteran plumber Les Zell shares the cool tools and tips...

      Install Mosaic Tile

      In some ways, setting mosaic tile is just like setting any other tile. But because the individual tiles are small...

      Home Repair Tools for the Pro

      We picked a bunch of tools that we thought our pro readers and you serious DIYers would find valuable for...

      Tackle Tricky Plumbing Problems

      Check out these great solutions to plumbing problems that were not what they seemed.