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    July Housing Surges for Third Month in a Row

    The housing industry is getting back to work following hard times earlier in the year. But will it last?

    WTO Rules In Canada’s Favor in Lumber Price Dispute

    National home building officials are hopeful that the ruling will enable further trade talks.

    USGBC Launches New Strategy For Constructing & Operating Building Post Pandemic

    The whole world is reacting to the pandemic, and the green building industry is no exception. Here's how the USGBC...

    PPP Funds Help Construction Industry Employment Rebound in May

    Construction growth rebounded thanks to federal funding and the reopening of the economy. But will it last?

    Lowes Launches Video Chat Service For Pros and Their Clients

    JobSIGHT is a video chat service that allows pros to video chat while interacting with the things on their screen.

    OSHA Issues New Coronavirus Guidelines for Construction Workers

    Can construction workers safely resume work while risking exposure to COVID-19? OSHA has some ideas.

    Will Skilled Labor Be in Worse Shape in 2 Years? Here’s What Pros Think

    Construction professionals answered a survey to give their thoughts on the future of skilled labor in the industry. Here are...

    Builder Confidence Drops to Historic Low Amid Pandemic Concerns

    A major home-building index suffered its worst drop since 1985.

    Construction Cancellations and Layoffs Continue to Climb

    Contractors are implementing further safety measures and applying for payroll loans. Will it be enough?

    Construction Jobsite Thefts Increasing During Pandemic

    Construction job sites full of valuable equipment and tools have been shut down and abandoned in the wake of the...

    ‘Transitional Housing’ Tiny Home Village Starts Construction

    Homelessness is a problem in communities across the United States. Affordable housing projects like this one could help change that.

    This Startup Makes Bricks From Recycled Construction Materials

    Construction activity and the production of construction materials are not exactly environmentally friendly. Kenoteq is working to change that.

    Michigan State Wins Student Builders Competition (Again)

    This year's student builder's competition saw a repeat winner for the first time since 2005.

    Builders OK With January Housing Starts Decline

    While homebuilding production dropped from December to January, a closer look at the numbers shows that things are off to...

    7 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Remodeling Company

    We talked to the CEO of a remodeling company to learn what it takes to be successful in a competitive...

    New Construction in St. Louis Required to Be Solar Ready

    St. Louis is making it easier for people to get access to solar energy. Will more cities follow suit?

    Community of 3D-Printed Homes Under Construction in Mexico

    3D-printed homes would have seemed like science fiction a decade ago. Now that tech is building homes for impoverished families.

    Bird-Friendly Glass a Requirement of Newly Proposed NYC Legislation

    New building requirements have been proposed in the Big Apple to curb the number of bird deaths in the city.

    EquipmentShare In Talks for Another $150 Million in Funding

    EquipmentShare, an equipment rental platform for the construction industry, might be on its way toward securing another hefty investment.

    AGC Teaming with Autodesk to Create Custom Fitting Safety Harnesses for Women

    A "one size fits all" mentality risks the safety of women in the construction industry. The AGC is working to...

    Construction Association Urges Trump to Resolve Trade Disputes

    The Associated General Contractors of America recently released a statement urging the Trump administration to end trade disputes after the...

    National Safety Council Takes Firm Position Against Cannabis Use and Work

    The legality of cannabis consumption is in a complicated place in the United States. The NSC is trying to make...

    Construction Employment Increases in 78% of States

    There's been a lot of growth in the construction industry over the last year. Can the industry itself keep up?

    How the Construction Industry Can Appeal to Younger Generations

    The construction industry has a labor shortage and a perception problem. How can it attract more young people to join...

    San Jose Becomes First Major US City to Ban Natural Gas in New Construction

    The 10th most populated city in the United States just banned the use of natural gas in almost all new...

    Toro Acquires Autonomous Landscaping Equipment Manufacturer

    Built Robotics' self-driving equipment has the potential to be a game-changing innovation for the construction industry, and investors are buying...