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    Lowe’s Unveils New ‘Flex’ Power Tools for Pros

    Lowe's latest battery platform promises powerful, fast tools for pros.

    Paycheck Protection Program Out of Funds, No Longer Accepting Applications

    The Paycheck Protection Program has run its course after providing well over half a trillion dollars in loans to small...

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    What to Know About Virtual Interior Designers

    If you need a little help redecorating your home, online design companies can lend a hand — without breaking your...

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    The Healthy Way to Handle Home Repair Providers

    Here are seven expert-recommended ways to keep everyone safe and healthy when hosting a home repair contractor.

    The Incredibly Bland Presidential Homes

    Some presidents like the simpleness of a home following their presidency, check out some of the blandest presidential homes.

    What Houses Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

    Fashion is cyclical, but some things in homes never go out of style.

    13 Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice

    Think you might want to become an Airbnb host? Or, maybe you're just using their services while traveling. Whether you're...

    14 Incredible Ice and Snow Sculptures

    One of the most enjoyable aspects of cold weather is the ability to play in the snow. Whatever your age,...

    New Home Sales Hit 13-Year High Mark in July

    New home sales continued to climb in the peak of summer, leading to one of the best months for home...

    11 Insane Homeowner Association Horror Stories

    Who knew battling a homeowners association could mean having to go to court?

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    Will a Pool Add Value to Your Home? Experts Weigh In

    A pool’s impact on your property value depends on these variables.

    Honda Launches Bluetooth App for Generators

    The app gives users more control over their generators and deeper insight into how they operate.

    Construction Officials Critical of Virginia’s New Emergency Safety Standards

    Last week, Virginia became the first state to enforce a set of new safety standards in response to rising risks...

    Most Expensive Homes in Each State

    Find out which home is the most expensive in your state. Here's a list of the most expensive homes on...

    10 Fun American Flag Facts

    Brush up on your flag knowledge with these fun American flag facts and historical notes.

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    Are Starter Homes Making a Comeback?

    Maybe. It's unclear whether Millennials will embrace modest starter houses the way generations of first-time home buyers did before them....

    51 Tiny Houses That Actually Float

    If you've ever wanted to take tiny-house living for a test drive, reserve one of these unique Airbnb homes for...

    10 Home Questions You’ve Always Wanted to Ask But Were Too Afraid

    Don't worry, you aren't the only homeowner with these questions.

    What’s the Difference Between a Castle and a Palace

    What's the difference between a castle and a palace?

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    Where Does Your Property Line Start?

    Have you ever wondered where your property line starts? Learn the different ways a property line is determined, and how...

    Why the Direction Your Home Faces Matters

    You might not think about it when you're looking at houses, but you'll notice that the direction your home faces...

    20 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for You to Move

    There's no decision quite like the choice to move to a different home, whether you're staying in the same area...

    HGTV’s Ben and Erin Napier on the 9 Renovating Mistakes They’ll Never Make Again

    The hosts of HGTV's Home Town renovated their home when they were newlyweds. Since then, they've made renovation dreams come...

    What in the World is a Barndominium?

    If you're looking for a home with plenty of room, space to work and get dirty, perhaps it's time to...

    Construction Industry Still Struggling With Skilled Labor Shortage

    New analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows construction firms still have trouble finding and hiring skilled laborers...

    IBSx Award Winners Highlight Modern Home Building Innovations

    Game-changing home building products were front and center at the 2021 IBSx.

    OSHA Releases Ten Most Cited Violations for FY 2020

    Fiscal year 2020 was a complicated year for workplace safety.