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The Home Depot Foundation Launches $200K Scholarship Program for Women in Construction

The Foundation has pledged to invest $50 million to fill the skilled labor gap.

What To Expect From the Housing Market in 2023

If you're wondering what to expect from the 2023 housing market, you're not alone. Read this guide to find out...

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5 Energy Efficiency Innovations From the 2023 International Builders’ Show

Energy efficiency and sustainability were major themes at IBS 2023. Here are some new construction products that do the job...

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Sherwin-Williams CEO Forecasts Plummet in Paint Demand in 2023

Sherwin-Williams is shifting its business model to brace for decreased paint demands.

9 Award-Winning Products From the 2023 International Builders’ Show

With IBS 2023 in the rearview, it's time to take a look at some of the best the trade show...

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Honda To Stop Manufacturing All Gas Powered Lawn Mowers

Those red walk-behinds are going the way of the brontosaurus. What does that mean for your lawn care routine?

What’s Causing Surging Home Sale Cancellation Rates

Potential homeowners across the country are being priced out of buying new homes.

The Construction Industry Needs More Women

Traditionally, women have made up a small fraction of the construction workforce in the United States. That needs to change.

Lowe’s Introduces New Rewards Program for Pros

Lowe's is launching a rewards program for their pro customers based on insights from the pros themselves.

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Why Lumber Prices Are Soaring Again in 2022

After normalizing in the second half of 2021, lumber prices are skyrocketing again. Here's why.

3 Reasons Why There Is an Appliance Shortage

Appliances are in high demand and hard to find. Here's why.

49 Extremely Remote Castles

If you've ever felt like getting away for a while we've got a list of places where you'll feel like...

Makita Pushes Cordless Power Forward With New Battery Platform

The XGT System could be the next step in eliminating cords from the job site.

Lowe’s Unveils New ‘Flex’ Power Tools for Pros

Lowe's latest battery platform promises powerful, fast tools for pros.

What Houses Used to Look Like 100 Years Ago

Fashion is cyclical, but some things in homes never go out of style.

12 Airbnb Horror Stories That’ll Make You Think Twice

Think you might want to become an Airbnb host? Or, maybe you're just using their services while traveling. Whether you're...

14 Incredible Ice and Snow Sculptures

One of the most enjoyable aspects of cold weather is the ability to play in the snow. Whatever your age,...

11 Insane Homeowner Association Horror Stories

Who knew battling a homeowners association could mean having to go to court?

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Will a Pool Add Value to Your Home? Experts Weigh In

A pool’s impact on your property value depends on these variables.

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Most Expensive Homes in Each State

Find out which home is the most expensive in your state. Here's a list of the most expensive homes on...

10 Fun American Flag Facts

Brush up on your flag knowledge with these fun American flag facts and historical notes.

50 Tiny Houses That Actually Float

If you've ever wanted to take tiny-house living for a test drive, reserve one of these unique Airbnb homes for...

What’s the Difference Between a Castle and a Palace

What's the difference between a castle and a palace?

Why the Direction Your Home Faces Matters

You might not think about it when you're looking at houses, but you'll notice that the direction your home faces...

20 Reasons Why It Might Be Time for You to Move

There's no decision quite like the choice to move to a different home, whether you're staying in the same area...

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Survey: Home Improvement Spending On the Rise in 2022

A new survey from Home Advisor provides key insight into how American households are spending money on their homes in...

Why Are Wood Prices Going Back Up?

The price of lumber is climbing again. Here's why.

Ring Unveils New Jobsite Security Camera System

Ring is bringing cameras and connectivity to jobsites in a big step forward for construction security.