Fall Pest Prevention Tips

Want to prevent mice, spiders and other pests from getting into your home? Shore up your lines of defense with these effective pest-fighting strategies.

If unwanted critters are waging war on your house, it’s time to fight back. Here are some effective pest-fighting strategies. We’ll give you tips about how to close the entryways that let critters in, and also how to evict them if they manage to get past your defenses.

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Video: How to Get Rid of Mice

Locate pest entrances

Seal off doors and windows

Secure your dryer vent

Caulk gaps between trim and siding

Clean and seal off soffit gaps

Stuff insect entrances with copper mesh

Snap-type mousetraps are effective

Deprive bugs of moisture

Spider solution

Keep pet food out of reach

Keep items off the floor

Eliminate sink cabinet clutter

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