Whether you are planting flowers in the garden, adding a water feature to the yard or just need to mow the grass, Family Handyman covers all your outdoor needs.

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      Xeriscape Gardening: Growing Plants With Less Water

      Save water and still have a beautiful garden!

      Entrance Gates: Replacement Tips

      How to create a sturdy gate for your fence.

      Keep rodents and pests out of your garden containers

      A few small additions in the beginning can go a long way.

      Getting the Kinks Out: Finding a Garden Hose that Actually Works

      I'm on a quest for the perfect garden hose.

      ‘Green’ Your Lawn with Drought-Tolerant Turf

      If your community has implemented watering restrictions to deal with water shortages, it might be time to change the way...

      Garage Organization: Finding Space on High

      How to store stuff high in your garage.

      How to Choose a Pond Pump

      To help you size a pond pump, measure how high the water needs to be lifted.

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      Fall Lawn Care: Keep a Healthy Yard Through Winter

      Lawn care tips you need to do in winter.

      Time to Deal with Crabgrass!

      Get started now and save headaches later.

      Dremel Ultra-Saw Works Great for Building a Planter

      I decided to try my hand at building a cast concrete planter as research for a potential magazine story on...

      Setting up a New Garden: Choose the Right Site

      Spring has sprung, and if you're thinking about setting up a brand new garden, here are some tips to get...

      Sharpening Knives, Scissors and Tools

      13 expert sharpening tips and tools to make the job easier - no more dull DIY and garden tools!

      11 Tips for a Lush Lawn

      Use these tips to have the best lawn in the neighborhood!

      Garden Shed Illustrations and Materials List

      These illustrations and this materials list are a part of the Garden Shed that appeared in the July/August, 2008 issue...

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      How to Clean a Hummingbird Feeder

      Backyard birdwatchers share their tried-and-true tips to keep sugar water safe for their favorite fliers.

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      Best Flowers for Bees and Other Pollinators

      Help the pollinators around your home by planting flowers for bees, many of which are easy to grow and low...

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      How To Plan and Build a Deck

      Family Handyman editor Mike Berner walks you through the process of building a deck from concept to finishing touches.

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      8 Leaf Blowers We Love

      Shopping for a leaf blower? Here's a list of great picks for every need, including something for every budget.

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      10 Perfect Plant Gifts for Any Home or Host

      Need the perfect gift? Plants are always on trend! Find the right one to suit any personality or occasion.

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      11 Best Leaf Rakes of 2021

      Some rakes are better suited to certain tasks than others. Learn about different types of leaf rakes — and which...

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      9 Best Garden Hose Reels of 2021

      Whether you tend an acre plot or a tiny vegetable patch, garden hose reels keep your yard neat and tidy...