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  • Finding the Best Garden Hose

    Don’t believe what you read on the garden hose labels. Here’s how to really tell which gardens hoses are kink-free.

  • Replacing Broken Lawn Sprinkler Heads

    No matter how your sprinkler head got damaged or quit working, there’s no need to call the irrigation company to do the repairs. This is…

  • Do it right. Do it yourself.

    The Family Handyman is proud to announce the DIY University. Courses that give you the confidence and know-how to get the job done right.

  • DIY Garden Cart

    This DIY garden cart carries more than a wheelbarrow, easier to load and carries larger loads. We’ll show you how to build it in just a…

  • Repave Your Driveway for Instant Curb Appeal

    Fix your cracked and eroded asphalt driveway before it falls apart and needs an expensive professional replacement. It's easy to repair…

  • Fixing Sprinkler Systems

    These simple lawn irrigation system fixes will solve 90 percent of the common breakdowns. You'll save on repair bills and keep your lawn…

  • 11 Outdoor Project Ideas with Plans

    Improve your outdoor spaces no matter your budget, time or skill level with these projects from The Family Handyman. Browse the following 11…

  • Affordable Garden Path Ideas

    Paths you can build in a weekend without breaking the bank or your back.Paths you can build in a weekend without breaking the bank or your back.

  • Top Ten Mower Safety Tips

    Even if you’ve been mowing injury-free for decades, we have some safety tips that you may have never thought of, tips to help you…

  • Ten Handy Mowing Tips

    You can water and fertilize until the cows come home but still end up with a pasture if you don’t mow properly. Here are some great tips…

  • Easy Lawn Care Tips

    Reduce yard chores and create a better lawn and gardens by following this expert advice, including establishing easy-mow borders and walks,…

  • How to Get Rid of Crabgrass

    Crabgrass is a tough opponent, but with a lawn spreader, a pump sprayer and a few turf products you can get rid of crabgrass in the spring and…

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