Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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Houseplant Pot Liner

Keep some extra coffee filters nearby

Truck-Bed Liner Extension

Run a piece of plywood over your tailgate when you have to haul dirt and leaves

Holey Weed Bucket

Save your plastic pots and repurpose them in the garden

5-Gallon Bucket Hack: Better Tree Watering

This 5-gallon bucket hack will slice your time doing yard work

Turn an Old CD Case Into a Seed Library

Don't toss that old CD case just yet

Fly Trap Hat

Divert those annoying flies from your face

How to Grow Grapes in the Home Garden

Whether growing them for healthy snacking or craft wine making, grapes have a place in the home landscape. Here's a...

Which Royal Garden Will Be Meghan Markle’s Favorite?

She loves roses, peonies and all pink blooms. And soon Meghan Markle will have a host of royal gardens to...

Garbage Bag Holder

Keep your garbage bag in place with sections of old garden hose.

Why You Should Consider Creating a Garden Bed Edging

Garden beds can be fun to plant and tend, but as soon as unwanted plants invade, the battle begins. Your...

Blow Out Your Hoses

Make sure all the water in your garden hose really is gone before storing it.

Garden/Garage Tool Caddy

Save some money by using repurposed lattices for tool storage

Garden Hose Roundup

Stop fumbling around with the garden hose each spring.

10 Best Plants for a Rain Garden

When you plant a rain garden, you do your part for the environment, filtering runoff and protecting groundwater. Pick the...

13 Amazing Scarecrows

Whether used for decoration or to keep pests away, scarecrows can be a fun addition to your yard and garden....

The Ultimate Guide to a Weed-Free Landscape

Don't let your landscape get overtaken by weeds this season! We've got solutions for banishing even the most troublesome invaders,...

10 Flowering Shrubs You’ve Just Gotta Try

If you're going to invest the money, time and valuable garden space in shrubs, you may as well make sure...

How to Build a Garden Arbor

Make a sturdy place to relax or a dramatic garden entrance in a weekend with this amazing garden arbor.

Flower Recipes for Mini Gardens

These quick-to-plant beauties will brighten up your yard!

Recipes for Perfect Flower Containers

Surefire combinations with great curb appeal

Dazzle Them With Dragonflies

Let your imagination take off… copper wire and beads give this fun project wings

9 Butterfly Flowers to Grow From Seed

Want to attract butterflies on a budget? Fill your garden with beautiful butterfly flowers from just a few dollars' worth...

Rustic Metal Plant Cage

Learn how to make this rustic rebar plant cage!

Make Classic Copper Plant Markers

See how to make classic plant markers

Kink-Free Hose

Does your garden hose have a stubborn kink? Check out this product with a solution for annoying kinks.

12 Perfect Projects to Do With Kids

From gardening to woodworking, there are projects here for all ages and abilities. Teach kids valuable lessons and keep them...

Makeshift Trench Tool

When you don't have a tool, the best option could just to just make one out of typical wood shop...