Learn how to plant a garden, build a raised bed garden and find the right tool for your job with the help of our gardening experts.

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Does Scattering Soap in the Yard Work to Repel Bugs and Animals?

What are people doing to get rid of unwanted insects or wildlife in the garden or yard this summer?

Black+Decker Hedge Trimmer Review: We Tested This High Performance Cordless Tool

Black and Decker's 40V cordless hedge trimmer proves low-frills and convenience are king.

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Can You Get Rid of Weeds with Weed Burners?

Discover the efficiency and eco-friendliness of weed torches for garden maintenance and weed control.

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What is the Difference Between Annuals, Perennials and Biennials

Learn what distinguishes annuals from perennials and biennials.

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9 Black Mulch Landscaping Ideas

Keep plants healthy and improve curb appeal with these black mulch landscaping ideas.

How To Repot a Plant

Neglecting to learn how to properly repot a plant can lead to issues like root rot or stunted growth. But...

We Tested the 2025 Polaris Ranger Lineup and The NorthStar is Worth Every Penny

The revamped Polaris RANGER XP 1000 NorthStar has all the bells and whistles for a comfortable day of outdoor work....

How To Make Potting Soil

Elevate your container gardening game by mastering the art of making customized DIY potting soil.

Transform Your Landscape With This Genius TikTok Planting Hack

This planting hack presents an innovative way to save time planting shrubs, but it's not executed in a way that's...

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How To Replace the Handle of a Shovel (And Other Garden Tools)

Shovel handle replacement is an easy way to rejuvenate your shovel and save a few bucks.

11 Plant Combination Ideas for Container Gardens

From flora fiestas to wildlife-friendly oases and dinner combos, here are some container garden combination ideas curated by four green-thumb...

How To Clean a Birdbath the Right Way

Safely clean bird baths without using bleach.

14 Foliage Plants to Enhance Any Room

Whether your room is dark or light, petite or sprawling, here are some leafy friends to bring green joy into...

12 Easiest Vegetables to Grow, According to Gardening Experts

If you're new to gardening, live in a harsh climate or are super busy, you can still grow your own...

Will the Cicadas Eat Your Plants?

Whether you find cicadas captivating or cringeworthy, there's usually one nagging question: Will my yard look the same once they've...

How to Make a DIY Indoor Herb Garden

This easy-to-build indoor herb garden contains all the necessary ingredients for herbs to flourish.

7 Indoor Garden Ideas To Elevate Your Home

Grow edible food, flowers and more with these indoor gardening ideas that fit any home or apartment.

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10 Best Container Gardening Plants

Container gardening provides a simple way for you to plant and maintain flowers and foliage, allowing you to easily move...

8 Bulbs to Plant in Spring

Not to worry if you missed fall planting. From lush lilies to dazzling dahlias, here are bulbs to plant in...

25 Trees for Every Landscape Need

Trees play several roles in the home landscape. Here are some expert recommendations for which trees to plant for the...

Tips for Planting Daffodil Bulbs

Learn all about the proper timing for buying and planting daffodils, how to plant them so you'll always see blooms,...

Reporting for Duty: The Cub Cadet Riding Mower Makes Lawn Care Easy

The Cub Cadet Riding Mower offers long-lasting, quality performance at a budget-friendly price.

Solo Stove’s New Mesa Heat Deflector Increases Your Fire Pit’s Heating Radius

Solo Stove’s all-new Mesa heat deflector keeps everyone warm around the outdoor table. Best of all? It takes...

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5 Best Mulches for Vegetable Gardens

Amp up your growing game this year with vegetable garden mulch recommended by experts.

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Create a Dream Cottage Garden With These 12 Flowers

A good cottage garden has a loose, informal look with something always in bloom, thanks to planning on the part...

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I Tried the All-New Solo Stove Torch, and It Was Better Than I Expected

The new Solo Stove Mesa Torch is the torchlight dreams are made of—and it’s perfect for Autumn evening...

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10 Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden

Growing your own vegetables is fun, rewarding and easier than you think. This year, let us help you get growing!

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How To Grow Okra

Did you know okra produces delicious seed pods and is one of the prettiest and most striking plants in the...

How to Grow a Cut Flower Garden

If you love farm-fresh bouquets of flowers in your home, why not try growing them yourself? It's easier than you...

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10 Best Spring Flowers

Expand your yard's palette of spring flowers with iconic and new ideas you'll find in this list of top performers.

You Can Turn an Old File Cabinet Into a Flower Planter—Here’s How

Learn how to make a DIY flower planter with an old filing cabinet to take your patio to the next...