The Worst Looking TV Homes

From sad green walls to lumpy sofas, unkept lawns to dilapidated structures, these TV homes will make you cringe!

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There’s a lot not to love about the house on the TV show Roseanne. The outside was modest, but it’s the inside that was really an eyesore. The lumpy, plaid couch and crocheted afghan, pale green walls and hideous artwork like dogs playing poker were just some of the unattractive elements of the decor.

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The Brady Bunch

Sure, the design made sense for the time, but the facade of the three-bedroom, three-bathroom 2,477-square-foot house could not be described as attractive. The iconic 1970s house, used for the show’s exteriors, needs a major facelift. The interiors featured on the show were no better, including the wood-paneled walls, floral wallpaper and bright orange laminate kitchen countertops.

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Sanford and Son

Living where you work can be a hit or a miss, but for cranky junkman Fred Sanford and his son Lamont, it was the latter. The two operated a salvage shop in South Central L.A. that proved to be a less than desirable homestead.

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Family Matters

The house where Steve Urkel had many “Oops! Did I do that?” moments is a modest two-story set in Chicago. The brown colored home with unsightly mustard trim was ultimately demolished and replaced with a three-story contemporary gray condo building.

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch

The Spellman home was filled with intrigue: a talking cat, a linen closet that doubles as a portal to another realm and beautiful witches. The Victorian architecture was grand, but if you look up the home on Google Maps today, it looks like a dilapidated mess that could use some serious TLC.

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True Detective

One of the creepiest homes to appear on TV is the bone-covered home of the Yellow King in True Detective. The New Orleans setting was that of the Fort Macomb Ruins, dating back to 1822, where it served as a defense post for the Chef Menteur Pass. The home was abandoned in 1871 after a fire. It remains closed to the public.

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Stranger Things

A modest home to begin with, things only got worse for the interior of the home as the first season of the show went on. With one floor and three bedrooms, it soon became a disaster. Joyce became convinced her son’s disappearance was supernatural, and that he had disappeared into the walls of the home. The walls became riddled with fairy lights and painted alphabet letters meant to communicate with her son, Will. Joyce ultimately broke through the wall with an ax. The home became a mangled mess.

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Married… With Children

The Bundy residence was the setting for many crass and comical interactions. Exterior shots of the home revealed that it was built on property used as landfill by indigenous peoples, where rotting moccasins were disposed. The indoor shots of the home featured one of the most unsightly living rooms on TV, with its busy carpet pattern contrasting with the sagging floral sofa.

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Sons of Anarchy

A private residence in Sunland, California, 10709 Floralita Avenue served as the home of motorcycle rebel Jax for the first few seasons. On the show, the front yard featured an unkept landscape along with horrid baby blue paint on the bottom half of the one-story home. Zillow shows interior shots that reveal just how dated the home is, including dark linoleum floors.

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Everybody Loves Raymond

Why faded floral couches with barely-there support made their way onto so many TV shows is beyond us, but the living room from Everybody Loves Raymond is yet another example of ugly homes on popular sitcoms. The windows were also adorned with tacky floral window treatments, while the wallpaper and artwork were just as busy and distasteful.

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