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The Worst Closing Gifts Given By Real Estate Agents

It's customary for a real estate agent to give clients a gift at, or soon after, closing. A nice bottle of wine or Champagne, a gift card to a home improvement store and flowers are common. But sometimes bad gifts happen. Here are some of the worst closing gifts given by real estate agents.

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Entrance Into a Marketing Campaign

Imagine making what is most likely the largest purchase of your life and ending up in a targeted marketing campaign, aka a drip campaign. One real estate agent on Trulia noted, “We give them a gift and also set them up on a drip campaign….”

“Horrible,” one person responded. “I would definitely never work with you again if I was put on a drip campaign. Annoying. Rude.”

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A Grill

One reddit user noted his real estate agent gave him a barbecue grill that he had to assemble himself. He ended his post with a sad face. A grill is a nice gift, but just make sure it’s assembled first—not everyone is handy. Here are 18 signs you’re about to hire the wrong real estate agent.

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Bad Alcohol

While wine and Champagne are common gifts from real estate agents, many reddit users noted their alcohol gift wasn’t as nice. One user got homemade moonshine while another said he got warm beer. This seems more like a white elephant gift, right? These 20 super-crazy real estate myths don’t add up.

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A (Lousy?) Gift Basket

A real estate agent on Trulia said she gives out gift baskets to clients at closing. However, one client wasn’t happy with that gift. “I did the same for last closing but the buyer calls me and says I made a good commission and she wants a washer/dryer or a barbecue.” It makes you wonder what was in the gift basket.

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A Chintzy Gift Card

Many clients on reddit noted they received gift cards from their real estate agent at closing. Many noted their cards to home improvement stores were much appreciated. However, some who received a gift card in a small amount to a chain restaurant or a pair of movie tickets felt like their agent took the cheap route. These are the 22 secrets your real estate agent isn’t telling you.

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A Coupon

“My mom’s Realtor gave her a $25 coupon,” said one writer on Trulia. “That was a total slap in the face. Who does that? Not impressed with the customer service.” It makes you wonder what the coupon was for. You’ll never believe these 12 crazy things found during home inspections.

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A Pen

How about a pen as a gift? One reddit user noted when he sold a house, he got a pen with the agent’s information printed on it. “Cheap,” he exclaimed. No kidding!

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No Gift At All

Are bad gifts better than no gift at all? Well, that’s debatable.

“Our real estate agent did not give us a gift, and rest assured, when it’s time to sell our house in the next couple of years, she will definitely not represent us,” said one respondent on Trulia.

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