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Go-To Cordless Tools All Contractors Should Have On Hand

Five more reasons to cut the cord! Check out these tools that can change the way you work.

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DeWalt cordless miter saw

Non-Backbreaking Miter Saw

A lot of trim carpenters and flooring guys set up shop in one room and make all the cuts from there, even though cutting in the same room where you’re installing eliminates a whole bunch of trips back and forth to and from the saw. That’s because miter saws, or chop saws, are heavy and moving them is a pain.

But DeWalt’s cordless, 7-1/4-in., sliding miter saw makes quick moves a snap. It won’t cut as wide as a 10-in. slider, but at 32 lbs., it’s 25 lbs. lighter than full-size models, which makes hauling it around a breeze. And for a little guy, this saw has a lot of guts. It can make 275 cuts through 3-1/4-in. base on one charge.

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Milwaukee cordless right angle dirll

Super Hawg for Super Big Holes

Electricians are lucky because they shed their cords a while ago, but that’s because they’re mostly drilling rather wimpy 3/4-in. holes all day. You plumbers and HVAC guys are still tethered because of the huge holes your trade requires. Mastering the use of a hole saw isn’t too difficult. Milwaukee may have finally freed you from your chains/cords.

The M18 Fuel, Super Hawg is designed to drill big holes—a lot of them. Milwaukee claims this tool can power through 75, 2-9/16-in. holes on a single charge, and is capable of muscling through holes as large as 6 in.! Could this be the beginning of a totally cord-free rough-in?

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DeWalt Cordless Blower

Not Just for the Yard

A leaf blower is a handy tool to have around the house, so why wouldn’t it be handy at the jobsite as well? You could use one to: clear the floors; blow shingle grit off a roof; clean up that miter saw before loading it up for the day; dry the morning dew off your outdoor workstation; blow the filth out of your work truck; you could even use it to dust yourself off before heading home for the day.

If you’re already invested in DeWalt’s 20V Max system, the DCBL720P1 blower just might be a tidy solution to a messy jobsite. It won’t take up much more space in your truck than a push broom, and it cranks out 400 CFM and blows air at 90 MPH!

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Double or Nothing

Many first-generation cordless circular saws lacked power, which caused stalls and binding, and making several circular saw cuts with one battery was lackluster, at best. Makita now makes a full-size, 36V cordless circ saw that may give its corded cousins a run for their money. The Makita XSH08Z is part of the X2 platform, meaning it runs off two 18V lithium ion batteries, the same battery that powers the world’s largest cordless tool selection.

It weighs in at 10.1 lbs, which is less than some corded sidewinders. And while light on weight, it’s definitely not light on runtime: Makita claims it can cut 250 2x4s on one charge. Other tools in the X2 family include: chainsaws, blowers, trimmers and a rotary hammer.

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Milwaukee jobsite speaker

Milwaukee Wireless Jobsite Speaker

For half the price of a standard jobsite radio, you can get yourself a M12 wireless Jobsite Speaker that will stream podcasts or music via Bluetooth from your smartphone. It won’t sound quite as good as a full-size radio, but what you sacrifice in sound, you benefit in size. This rugged little bluetooth speaker runs off of one M12 battery, and it’s small enough to rest on a windowsill and can fit inside a tool bag at the end of the day. It communicates with your smartphone up to 30-ft. away and also has a handy USB port in case your phone battery gets low.

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