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Vintage Family Handyman Project from 1983: Teach Your Children the Joys of Woodworking

Family Handyman has always taken great pride in teaching readers to DIY through step-by-step projects. To celebrate our 70th anniversary, here's a look back at these vintage children's woodworking projects.

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woodworking childrenFamily Handyman

Teach Your Children Well

Family Handyman first launched in 1951, so 2021 marks our 70th anniversary. We’re celebrating with some of our favorite content from over the years. This project about teaching the joys of woodworking to children ran in our December 1983 issue. As the article says, “Even children as young as four or five can design and build simple projects if you guide and encourage them. The younger they start, the better.”

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children woodworkingFamily Handyman

Children Working With Tools

“Young children should start woodworking with hand tools. It is up to you to decide when, and if, you will introduce them to power tools.”

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woodworkingFamily Handyman

Woodworking With Kids

“The best part of working with kids is helping them build something they want. Start by asking them for a drawing.”

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