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Vintage Family Handyman Covers from the ‘60s

To celebrate Family Handyman's 70th anniversary, take a look back at these vintage Family Handyman covers from the 1960's.

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aug 1960 coverFamily Handyman

Summer 1960 Cover

In the 57th edition of the Family Handyman, we showed readers how to make a five-piece set of roll-around lawn furniture. It may seem daunting to try to build your patio furniture but we’ll show you the way with plans for each piece.

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Winter 1960 coverFamily Handyman

Winter 1960 Cover

This December 1960 cover of the Family Handyman is all about improving your home for the holiday season. Plus, it describes how to make DIY Christmas gifts.

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spring 1961 coverFamily Handyman

Spring 1961 Cover

This pergola in our Spring 1961 cover is incredibly retro. We love it, but have since constructed updated backyard pergola projects.

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fall 1961 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1961 Cover

Sold for just 35 cents in 1961, this issue of the magazine taught you how to build a year-round vacation cottage in sections in your workshop.

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spring 1962 coverFamily Handyman

Spring 1962 Cover

This antique writing caddy project featured in the spring 1962 issue of the magazine is the perfect office organization accessory.

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Summer 1962 coverFamily Handyman

Summer 1962 Cover

Learn how to make your outdoor living space the best on the block with this 1962 issue of the magazine. It features seven easy-to-make patios for summer fun.

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1963 Summer coverFamily Handyman

Summer 1963 Cover

This issue’s special project is a store-all garden tool shed that’s easy to build in one weekend. Plus, here are 40 more projects you can get done over a weekend.

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Fall 1963 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1963 Cover

This 1963 issue of the Family Handyman has “32 useful pages crammed with exciting attic-and-basement finishing ideas that are easily adaptable to any house.” While we love ways to make the most of your space, let’s leave the wood paneling in the ’60s.

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winter 1964 coverFamily Handyman

Winter 1964 Cover

This issue of the magazine teaches readers how to transform their “chicken-coop kitchen” into an open-concept living space that makes a cheery room for the whole family.

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fall 1964 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1964 Cover

By 1964, the Family Handyman upped its newsstand price to 50 cents.  This issue of the magazine teaches readers how to get the most out of “new” plastic varnishes.

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spring 1965 coverFamily Handyman

Spring 1965 Cover

Garage organization has become a signature topic for us over the years, and this 1965 issue of the magazine promises to “end garage clutter forever!

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Fall 1965 coverFamily Handyman

Fall 1965 Cover

This ambitious “big-top” basement project from 1965 showcases the imagination we’ve had about projects at home. To modify this project for today, we suggest incorporating a slightly bigger TV or projector screen.

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Spring 1966 coverFamily Handyman

Spring 1966 Cover

Check out these before and after recreation room storage units and “142 other quick ideas for easy care and upkeep of your house and grounds” in this spring 1966 issue of the Family Handyman.

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Winter 1966 coverFamily Handyman

Winter 1966 Cover

Build this 1966 stereo music wall and bar in one weekend! Check out these other one weekend projects.

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Summer 1967 CoverFamily Handyman

Summer 1967 Cover

The cover of the Summer 1967 issue features a garden shed attached to the side of your home.

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Fall 1967 CoverFamily Handyman

Fall 1967 Cover

Check out this reader project from 1967. It features a closet-stretcher storage wall perfect for any room that needs more storage space. Plus, here’s how to triple your closet storage space.

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Summer 1969 CoverFamily Handyman

Summer 1969 Cover

Learn how to turn one side of your fence into a storage wall, creating new space for all of your garden equipment.

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Winter 1969 CoverFamily Handyman

Winter 1969 Cover

The Family Handyman sold for 60 cents in 1969. In the last issue of the Family Handyman in the ’60s, we taught readers how to build a space-saving laundry area from a wasted corner.

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