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Vintage Ads Show How Grandma Cleaned Her House 50 Years Ago

Take a peek at these vintage home cleaning products and how people used them 50 years ago.

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Vintage Cheer Laundry Detergent AdReminisce

It’s New! It’s Blue!

This vintage ad for Cheer touted it’s ability to whiten clothes. Cheer became known as blue Cheer because it had blue granulars as opposed to other brands that just had white ones. You can reach for this in your fridge to help get your clothes white without using bleach.

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Vintage laundry soap adReminisce

Avoid Strong Soaps

Chipso provided an alternative to strong soaps on the market and claimed it wouldn’t contribute to the destruction of clothes. Chipso produced soap flakes and had to know free lye, which was believed to weaken clothes. These are 10 laundry mistakes you should avoid.

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Duz vintage laundry soapReminisce

Duz Does Better

Duz became known as one of the laundry detergent brands that offered bonus items inside the box, like cups and china plates. In some circles Duz laundry detergent boxes have become a collectors item. Save yourself a trip to the store and learn how to make your own laundry detergent.

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Vintage Tide Laundry Detergent adReminisce

Tide XK

Tide introduced its XK laundry detergent back in 1968 and dubbed it so because it used the XK enzyme, a bleachless stain remover believed to be stronger than other laundry detergents on the market at the time. Find the best reviewed laundry stain remover products out there now. 

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Lux vintage laundry detergent adReminisce


Lux became an innovator in the laundry soap business when it began manufacturing soap flakes. Prior to that people used to cut off chips of soap from larger chunks of laundry soap. The brand remains popular in Bangladesh, Brazil, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Thailand as just a soap. Find out how you can make your own soap at home.

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Vintage Tide laundry detergent adReminisce

Tide Gets Clothes Cleaner

Tide remains one of the leading brands of laundry detergent available and emerged back in 1946 as Proctor and Gamble’s heavy-duty line of laundry detergent. Try any one of these 17 hacks to save you time and money doing laundry.

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Vintage Felso laundry detergent adReminisce

Felso Washes Everything Better

Many laundry detergent brands years ago touted that they were gentle on hands even as more homes started adding washers and dryers. Hand washing clothes isn’t as necessary as it once was but there are still things that shouldn’t end up in your washing machine.

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Super Suds vintage house cleaning adReminisce

Clara, Lu and Em

Clara, Lu and Em became a popular daytime radio show in the 1930s and 1940s and they became the face of advertising for Super Suds, a house cleaning product people used on dishes and laundry, even in this case, windows. The show centered on three women who lived in a duplex. Clara lived on one side and Em on the other. Lu lived upstairs. These are the cleaning products professionals always buy.

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Vintage Philco washing machine adReminisce

Tide and Philco

Tide and Philco partnered for this campaign with Philco packing its washers with Tide laundry detergent. Well, it was more like Tide samples came with the purchase of a Philco washing machine. Philco touted this washing machine as capable of handling twice the average load and “blades of water” action that washed clothes better. Find out the best time to buy appliances.

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Old Dutch Cleanser adReminisce

Old Dutch Cleanser

Old Dutch Cleanser came from Cudahy Packing beginning in 1905 as a way to get rid of dust and dirt in the house. The Old Dutch girl became an iconic cleaning image and one of the most popular cleaning products. Make sure you never mix these 20 household cleaning products.