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Springtime Tulip Decor for Your Home and Yard

It doesn't quite feel like spring until you see tulips bloom and instantly get that sense of delight and warmth. If you've got a hint of tulip fever, then take a peek at these products that can fill your home with tulip-y joy year round.

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Comforter Set

Bold and colorful floral patterns can get old really fast. This muted comforter is a perfect alternative because it still has the softness of the floral pattern but without the bold vibrancy.

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Tulip Doormat

Bid adieu to your old, dirty and boring doormat so you can welcome this lovely floral one. This would definitely add a smile to your face when you walk into your house.

Make a boot scraper so you can get all the dirt off your garden boots before stepping onto your tulip mat.

Installing a new door doesn’t need to be difficult. Just follow this how-to guide,

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Not Your Grandma’s Tulip Art

Hang these modern tulips in your bedroom, bathroom or guest room to bring a burst of color and elegance. Grays and other neutral tones have been taking over the design world and this is a perfect accent to that!

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Create some DIY artwork yourself in just a few minutes.

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Paper Clips

Regular paper clips serve a great function but their design does little for the eye. Why not get these tulip clips that work well and look nice at the same time? Use them at the office to add some fun to your otherwise boring stacks of paper or use them at home to stay organized.

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Hipster Giraffe Rug

Stretch beyond your decor comfort zone by adding this fun and floral rug to your living room or add it to your tween’s room for a unique focal point. Come on, you know you smiled when you looked at that giraffe holding a tulip!

Make the rug extra comfy with this hack.

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Minimalist Floor Pillow Cover

Put some tulips in a vase, set them on the coffee table and then sit and admire them on this comfy floor pillow. Whether you use the pillow for an extra seat in the living room or a meditation cushion in your home gym, the minimalist tulip design alone will add some comfort and calm to any room of the house.

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Guitar Picks

For the musician who adores tulips, get them these fun guitar picks. They’re so beautiful you could even frame them for a bit of DIY art!

Learn about turning trash into treasure, like this lighted guitar.

Here’s how to make inexpensive DIY art in minutes.

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Mixed Medium Candle Holder

This beautiful rustic candle holder is made is the U.S.A. from hand-patinaed bronze and pewter, accented with gold and copper. Its unique design is top-tier tulip decor and would make a great addition to any home.

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Make some wooden tea light holders to go along with your tulip candle holder.

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Tulip Spout Wine Pourer Aerator

This tulip wine aerator is the perfect gift for any wine lover (of course, be sure to get one for yourself, as well!). If you don’t think your wine tastes better after you’ve aerated it through this spout, there is a 12-month limited warranty and 100% quality satisfaction guarantee.

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Tulip Windmill

Add this spinner to your garden for a fun kinetic accent! It comes in a variety of colors to match your garden (or your tulips.) Here’s a video so you can see what it looks like when it spins.

Add an affordable path to your garden for a bit of outdoor luxury.

Brighten up your landscape with one of these 49 flowers.

Build your very own flower tower inspired by one of these 12 ideas.

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