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12 Trends in Home Decor and Design

Experts share the hottest design and home decor trends in 2022.

Interior of a Contemporary Home OfficeLaurie Rubin/Getty Images

Separated Spaces

Eugene Colberg, principal architect at Colberg Architecture, says people still love the interconnectedness of more open layouts, especially kitchen areas. (Well, not everyone). But they also increasingly want quieter or more private places to work or relax.

He says clients have been “reshaping” little-used rooms or storage areas. Basements become home offices or workout spaces, and unused nooks and alcoves become home offices.

Luxury bedroom with wallpaperCaiaimage/Martin Barraud/Getty Images

Coastal Grandmother

Not far removed from cottagecore, “Coastal Grandmother” is a TikTok trend featuring easy, beachy but chic interiors. It incorporates Grandma’s vintage china, floral prints, wicker, slip-covered furniture and pastels, especially blues paired with white.

Think: a casual linen pantsuit come to life. Find inspiration with Martha Stewart in the Hamptons or Diane Keaton in Something’s Gotta Give.

Living room with record collection10'000 Hours/Getty Images

Cluttercore and Carnivalcore

The related-but-separate trends of cluttercore and carnivalcore are taking TikTok by storm. It’s clear the pendulum is swinging back from the minimalist looks trending for years.

Stefan and Maegan Burcur of Rhythm of the Home describe these two trends as a “celebration of fun with touches of postmodernism and vintage vibes. Colors are vibrant and they are there for making bold statements.”

Cluttercore involves collaging memorabilia or other collections without logical order. Cluttercore requires a certain amount of chaos and messiness, alongside mismatching colors, patterns and textures — all on display.

Carnivalcore evokes a sense of circus or theater design, from tented rooms to disco balls to harlequin prints and the full spectrum of color, including primaries.

Potted Plants In Domestic RoomMorsa Images/Getty Images

Plants and Gardens

Connecting to nature continues to be a huge trend in 2022. The U.S. Census Bureau reported gardening-related spending in 2020 increased $8.5 million, almost 19 percent higher than 2019, and 2021 sales were up 15 percent over 2020.

The easiest way to bring the outside in? Houseplants, of course. Collectors are currently hot on the new-to-the-houseplant-market Geo plant.

Elegant garden furniture on terrace of suburban homeKatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Focus on Wellness

The American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) 2022 trend report says homeowners are reporting “wellness is a top priority.” How does that translate into design?

Clients are “searching for designs and products that promote good health and gravitating toward simpler, cleaner, easier-to-maintain designs, as well as outdoor living spaces and places where they can relax and restore from the increased stresses of everyday life.” Think: kitting out patio spaces and reading nooks.

Loft bedroom interior, bed linen colored in trendy color of year 2022 Very Peri background. Inspired by using color 17-3938, Color of the year concept. Minimalist home design Scandinavian styleIuliia Zavalishina/Getty Images


Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year is Very Peri, which it says helps tap into our “personal inventiveness and creativity.” This color also lends itself to many homeowner’s desires for calm, soothing environments. It’s also a nice transitional warm up from the gray that has ruled interior palettes for so long.

It’s already reflected in paint colors and accent pieces. But Katherine Cohen, trend and product expert at Flor, says lilac tones are popping up in flooring as well. “As a gentle, welcoming hue, lilac will be a trending color over the next year in interiors,” she says. “For playful yet creative spaces, lilac adds bright energy to any space.”

Boho style bathroom interior.NeonShot/Getty Images

Faux Finishes

This one is a surprise, given how much talk surrounds natural materials. Faux finishes that deliver the same “visual energy” as stone or wood, but offer the durability, easy maintenance and price that most consumers want, are still leading, Colberg says. Across all his projects, he sees materials like engineered quartz, luxury vinyl flooring and porcelain tile remaining popular.

Markets show consumers are interested in eco-friendly, sustainable and natural finishes like marble, cork, and hardwood, particularly in new luxury and historic homes.

Solar Home Under Repair with Ladder, Gray Water Systemqingwa/Getty Images


Colberg says the best bang for your sustainability buck isn’t so much in decor or design, but the infrastructure. That means cladding (exterior siding materials) and heating and cooling systems. And, of course, you can still make more sustainable choices inside with appliance and surfaces.

“Nowadays, getting [Forest Stewardship Council] certified hardwood, formaldehyde-free paneling, and low-VOC paint has almost become second nature, which is great and what we want,” Colberg says.

Empty Luxury Bathroomadamkaz/Getty Images

Luxury Spa Bathrooms

“People tend to think of the primary bath as their sanctuary, and this has become even more important with extended time at home,” says Amber Shay, national vice president of Design Studios at Meritage Homes.

“Buyers want high-end, hotel-like bathrooms to create a relaxing retreat at home. As you create a luxurious, spa-like atmosphere, make sure to include vintage rugs, art and other decor to make your bathroom look and feel like a welcoming place of respite.”

Sophisticated red bedroom with mirrorKatarzynaBialasiewicz/Getty Images

Glimmer and Shimmer

Interior designer Christy Biberich of Christy B. Home says adding warm metallic accents like bronze, copper, brass and gold to your interiors is still hot.

“When it comes to incorporating this trend into your living area, it’s okay to get a little creative,” she says.

“Think sculpture-inspired candle holders, decorative bowls, geometric plant pots or sleek accent pillows to let this design trend shine. You can even create these metallic accents yourself. Grab some gold paint and get started creating DIY trending decor to match your existing living area.”

Interior of a modern house with smart automation system.imaginima/Getty Images

Smart Home Integration

The 2022 ASID report notes homeowners are getting connected: Lighting systems, home alarms and digital thermostats are going mainstream as the tech becomes easier to use. According to ASID, most homes now have at least one or two smart items. By 2023, it projects more than half will have three or more.

Girly Bedroom InteriorSolStock/Getty Images

Painted Ceilings

For the latest in paint, look up! Your ceilings are an often-neglected canvas. Carefully paint just to the top edge of the walls, or bring the contrast color down a few inches and separate from the wall color with some trim or molding.

If you still have popcorn-textured ceiling hanging around, now’s the time to remove it. Then choose the right ceiling paint in a fun, bold color.

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