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Top 20 Smart Home Tech Products Coming Out in 2019

Smart home tech is knocking it out of the park in 2019.

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LG Roll Away TV

For those who think of a TV as an eyesore to the aesthetic of their home, the new 4K HDR Smart TV from LG is going to make you swoon. Ready for market, the 65-inch smart home tech device is “a piece of stand-alone art, draped in a harmonious blend of pure metal and high-end wool.” The screen rolls away like a poster when not in use, allowing the TV to turn into a minimalist piece of furniture. Are you a smart homeowner? Here are 14 things you should be doing once a month.

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Bosch Interactive Projection Module

This tiny module from Bosch uses a laser to create “a focus-free image on any surface and then scans it line-by-line to detect any gestures or finger movements.” In other words, any surface in your home can be turned into a touchscreen. So if you’ve ever wanted to turn your disaster of a closet into a smart closet, Bosch has you covered. The projector can assist you in dressing for the day by allowing you to see what clothes are available, what the weather is and even what clothes work together. The module was built to be integrated into consumer products as opposed for direct consumer purchase. When you need to squeeze more stuff into a closet, you need to think outside the box. Check out these great closet storage hacks!

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VARRAM Pet Fitness Robot

Whether it’s a rainy day or your urban oasis of a home doesn’t permit quick trips to grassy areas, your pet might enjoy this smart robot. It encourages your furry friend to run around and play chase, enticing them by doling out occasional treats. These tips for pet owners offer practical solutions for everything from cleaning up fur to keeping pets off the furniture.

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Reolink Go Security Camera

Among the most futuristic security cameras coming out in 2019, the Reolink Go is a 100-percent wire-free 4G LTE battery-powered camera. It’s a great smart home tech device for those who get frustrated with cords and the hassle of wiring. It’s also ideal when WiFi fails, at home or when you take the camera to your cabin or summer house. The camera comes with a rechargeable battery and supports optional solar charging for continuous juice. Send burglars running with these fake home security system options.

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Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control

The boring old ceiling fan is getting a major upgrade with the Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control. This smart home tech device works with Google Assistant, Alexa and the IFTTT platform. Coming this March, the switch requires a neutral wire and is designed for 1.5-amp ceiling fans. Save one of the four fan speeds as your favorite, and control or automate all of it remotely using the Caseta app. Lutron says the Caseta by Lutron Fan Speed Control will be available in March. Check out the retailers that will be carrying the device here.

Here’s how to install a ceiling fan.

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Kohler Veil Lighted Connection

Kohler has been impressing smart home enthusiasts for some time now, and the brand isn’t stopping in 2019. The Veil Lighted Collection includes a mirror, vanity, “intelligent toilet” and free-standing bathtub. Each of these devices can be motion- or voice-activated to control the lighting’s color temperature, so you can find the ideal lighting that mimics nature to best support sleep and wellness. Check out more of Kohler’s smart bathroom products.

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Lenovo Smart Alarm Clock

Lenovo’s new Google Assistant-enabled smart alarm clock, called the Lenovo Smart Clock, features a 4-inch touch-enabled IPS display that can wake you up with light. This clock is designed to promote a gentler wake up call than traditional alarm clocks. Listen to music while you rest in bed, charge your smartphone and other handheld devices via the USB port and stream shows and movies onto your television by linking the alarm clock to Google Chromecast. This smart device is set to hit shelves around March or April. Here’s why you should close your bedroom door every night.

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Capstone Connected Home Smart Mirror


Capstone Connected Home is about to make your morning routine in the bathroom way more efficient and fun. The Google-enabled smart mirror has both voice and touch-screen capabilities. Access Google Assistant, check weather and traffic, stream YouTube, check your social media feeds and so much more. Add space and give your bathroom a new look with new medicine cabinets, lighting, tile and paint.

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Klipsch New Soundbars

Klipsch will be coming out with five new soundbars ranging from 40 inches to 54 inches in width. The smallest features Google Assistant, while the 48-inch-wide model comes with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple’s AirPlay 2. Look out for the sleek soundbars to be available within the next few months, and throughout the year. For more tech fun, check out these 14 cool tech gadgets that make your home smarter.

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Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 960 Vacuum Cleaner

Robot vacuums have come so far, and now Ecovacs has come out with perhaps the smartest one yet. The smart home tech device was designed to detect objects like clothing and cables to ensure it won’t try to suck them up. It can currently identify 500 objects, with more to be added soon. The robot’s release date has yet to be confirmed, but is expected sometime this year. Why spend your days cleaning when you can just get a robot to do it?! Here are 14 options.

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Eve Light Strip

Set the mood in your home with the Eve Light Strip. Compatible with the Apple HomeKit, the LED light strip is a 6.5-foot-long bendable strip featuring adhesive on the back so you can place it under your couch, shelves, behind your television and more. And, with 1800 lumens (compared to Philips Hue’s 1600), it’s the brightest on the market. Buy smart light switches for convenience, safety and to save money.

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Ring Doorview Cam

Ring’s new Doorview Cam is sure to excite tech and home security enthusiasts alike. Although it works like Ring’s previous doorbells, this one replaces your front door’s peephole. The totally wire-free design requires no permanent alterations, thanks to a battery sitting on the inside of your door. It features motion detection and streams 1080p video straight to your phone via the Ring app. You can also talk to whoever is outside. You’ve got to check out this collection of strange things caught by Ring doorbells.

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Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell

The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell is the very first video doorbell to work with Apple’s HomeKit smart home platform. While it offers many of the generic functions of other smart video doorbells on the market, what sets it apart is that all the functions of the device are available for free, including storage of your videos. For added security, consider installing a smart door lock.

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LaMetric Sky LED Wall Panels

Make a statement with these color-changing wall panels. LaMetric’s design features interlocking, triangular panels with built-in LEDs. Each of the color-changing LED wall panels is made of 32 smaller triangular portions that can be set to a different color. It’s a smart home tech novelty you’ll love. Subscribe to be one of the first to know when SKY is available for purchase! Need more tech inspiration? Check out these 36 home tech items for your wishlist.

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C by GE Lighting Products

GE Lighting announced several new switches, bulbs and accessories from the C by GE smart lighting lineup. Coming out by the end of 2019, the products include three new smart bulbs, five new smart light switches, a smart power outlet for lamps and a smart motion detector. If you’re ready to smarten up your home, consider installing a smart thermostat.

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KitchenAid Smart Display

An unforeseen addition to the smart world, KitchenAid, owned by Whirlpool, has introduced its very first smart home device. The voice-activated touchscreen features an elegant design complete with a sleek 10-inch screen. The display is set to launch in the second half of 2019, and will allow you such luxuries as the ability to watch videos on YouTube, make video calls and use the touchscreen to control your smart home gadgets as well as search local restaurants. It’s complete with Google Assistant. Here are 12 awesome smart appliances you can buy today.

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SiB Programmable Smart Button

At just $5, this smart button on Kickstarter is something smart home enthusiasts should consider. The SiB lets you control your smart home by triggering a variety of smart devices with just a simple, quick tap. Referred to as the “Swiss Army knife of Internet Connected Devices,” it’s a small device with a lot of power. Utilize new technology to upgrade and improve your older home while keeping all of the charm, tradition and coziness intact.

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IKEA x Sonos Speakers

In 2016, IKEA and California-based audio company Sonos began working on a line of speakers and audio accessories designed to take out the mess of cords while saving space in a more aesthetically pleasing way. In other words, expect really cool looking speakers! The duo shared their first prototype speaker in June 2018. Called the SYMFONISK, the collaboration is expected to be available at the end of summer 2019. Next time you’re at IKEA, pick up a couple items for these five awesome IKEA hacks.

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Smarter iKettle, 3rd Generation

Prepare hot beverages on your schedule with Smarter’s newest iKettle. It automatically starts when you tell it to. Just schedule it with the companion app. You can also control the smart home tech device with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or automate it with IFTTT.

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IKEA Smart Shades

On April 1st, IKEA will be coming out with the FYRTUR blackout blinds. The smart home tech shades will feature a lithium-ion battery pack integrated into them, meaning you don’t have to plug them in. To recharge, use the USB power brick and consider buying additional power packs from IKEA. For a home that keeps up with the times, check out IKEA’s budget-friendly tech gadgets.

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