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21 Tools We Bought On Black Friday Last Year

Keep an eye out for Black Friday deals like these too-good-to-resist deals we snatched up last year.

Every editorial product is independently selected, though we may be compensated or receive an affiliate commission if you buy something through our links. Ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication.

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Snow Joe 24v X2 Cordless Snow Blower Via Amazonvia

Snow Blowers

Black Friday prices for winter tools like snow blowers were big last year, including already affordable models like the Snow Joe 24V X2 Cordless Snow Blower. Those in need of a new machine saved up to a whopping 40 percent, so keep an eye out for deals this year. And check out these 15 things you need to know about buying a snow blower.

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Milescraft Drive90plus Via Amazonvia

Specialty Drills and Accessories

For driving or drilling in the tightest spaces, a right-angle attachment is a lifesaver. The Milescraft Drive90Plus is one of our favorites because it’s tough enough to use with an impact driver, and that makes driving screws easier. Other right-angle attachments are only rated for 250 in.-lbs., while this one can handle up to 1,500 in.-lbs.

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Solar Digital Battery Tester Via Amazonvia

Car Accessories and Gear

Last year’s rock-bottom discount on computerized car battery testers like the Solar Digital Battery Tester have us excited for what will be offered next. Besides testing voltage, a computerized battery tester checks for internal resistance and conductance, giving you a good idea of the battery’s overall condition.

Inexpensive and always-useful items like the X Xindell Windshield Cleaner were also marked down. Did you know you don’t need to go to the shop for these super simple car repairs?

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Worx Wx081l 4v Zipsnip Cordless Electric Scissors Via Amazonvia

Cutters and Shears

This cordless electric cutter is a lightweight and handy tool that will make good old scissors seem so last century. It’s small enough to fit in a utility drawer but advanced enough to handle jobs too tough for scissors and knives.

It’s powered by a rechargeable four-volt MaxLithium battery, which holds a charge for months. It went on sale for last year’s Black Friday, and we’re hopeful it’ll be marked down again.

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Isotunes Pro Bluetooth Earbuds Via Amazonvia

Hearing Protection

These ISOtunes Pro Bluetooth earbuds are essential in any tool belt. Aside from noise-canceling ANSI-certified hearing protection, they provide ten hours of great sound quality between charges. They let you take phone calls without dropping your tools and never slip out of your ears.

These earbuds are tough, too. They’ve been battered, snagged on nails and subjected to extreme heat, cold, rain and grime. No problem.

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Sunferno Ratchet Straps Via Amazonvia

Truck and Car Straps

Ropes work great to secure tarps, but tying secure knots with the right tension can be tricky. Proper ratchet-style auto straps are a better and safer way to go.

These Sunferno Ratchet Straps offer up to 2,500 pounds of tie-down strength, at an affordable price Amazon reviewers can’t stop raving about. Nothing could be easier! Next, check out our expert tips for hauling stuff.

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Battery Organizer Storage Case Via Amazonvia

Battery Organizers

Great for the basement or garage workshop, this battery organizer holds 82 batteries of various sizes. It also comes with a detachable battery tester. Plus, here’s how to dispose of batteries the right way.

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Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Hardwood Floors Cleaner Via Amazonvia

Multi-Surface Vacuums

A cheap vacuum is just that. It won’t have the suction of a higher quality vacuum, or as many helpful attachments, or many high-tech features. So why not buy a top-notch vacuum without the price tag?

The Tineco Floor One S3 Cordless Vacuum is always offered at an affordable price, but sale pricing makes it impossible to resist.

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Black+decker 20v Max Cordless Chainsaw Via Amazonvia

Cordless Tree Trimmers

Stormy weather can lead to fallen branches and damaged trees limbs. When fall is in full swing, you may notice dead limbs that need to be removed. While a chainsaw is your go-to for pruning trees, it’s not the easiest to maneuver, with its lack of control and skipping when starting cuts.

This cordless lopper is a great alternative. It adds powerful jaws that clamp the branch in space so you can cut wood into manageable pieces.

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Milwaukee 2475 Compact Inflator Via Amazonvia

Tire Inflation and Repair Products

Why lug around a heavy compressor and hose just to fill tires? All you really need is a battery-powered inflator.

There are many versions available, some costing less than $40. Our favorite is the more expensive Milwaukee 2475 Compact Inflator, which automatically shuts off when the tire reaches the correct pressure.

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Base Camp M Cross Dust Face Mask Via Amazonvia

Construction and Dust Masks

Standard dust masks just aren’t comfortable for long periods of time. They tend to get sweaty, so we end up taking them off — and they certainly don’t work when they’re not on your face.

This dust mask is made of light mesh fabric, and a pair of straps keep it in place comfortably. There’s a replaceable filter beneath the mask. The discharge valve lets your breath go out instead of up so it doesn’t fog your protective eyewear.

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Shovelution Strain Reducing Snow Shovel Via Amazonvia

Snow Shovels

This Snow Joe shovel is perfect for anyone with a bad back. The manufacturer says it reduces the effort, strain and potential injury from shoveling by up to 30 percent.

The ergonomic shovel grip is spring-assisted so you don’t have to bend over as much, leading to better posture and less strain. Check out how car wax can make shoveling snow easier!

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Thermopro Tp20 Wireless Remote Via Amazonvia

Meat Thermometers

Whether you’re roasting your first turkey or your or fiftieth, you’ll be grateful for a meat thermometer. This one features a hands-free monitor with a large digital LCD screen that displays food and oven temperatures.

It works up to 300 feet away so you can spend more time with your guests. It also has a timer and dual probes, and works with an oven, smoker or barbecue.

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Briteree Woodworking Aprons Via Amazonvia

Utility Aprons

Whether it’s for welding, gardening, grilling or artistry, choosing a built-to-last utility apron is an essential part of your DIY gear. This water-resistant durable canvas apron stands up to heavy tools, gear and splashing. It’s also reinforced with double stitching, heavyweight gun-metal grommets and rivets.

The string of a light-duty shop apron can really slice into your neck when you load it up with screws and tools. That’s not a problem with this apron.

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Outdoor Foam Faucet Cover Via Amazonvia

Hose Covers and Bibs

Insulated covers slow the heat loss from a pipe as it travels through the wall out into the cold. They provide some protection for little cost. Plus, check out these cool projects to keep your house warm this winter.

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Gopets Dematting Comb Via Amazonvia

Pet Grooming Products

Thousands of Amazon reviewers say this Go Pets Dematting device gives their cats a purr-fect brushing without hurting them. The comb’s copious teeth and stainless steel blades are so sharp that tugging isn’t necessary, and an ergonomic handle makes the task painless for you, too. Now is the time to grab one.

While we’re at it, we rounded up 10 DIY ways to keep the kitty off the countertop.

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2 Tool 20 Volt Max Brushless Power Tool Combo Kit Via Lowesvia

Cordless Drivers and Drills

A driver/drill combo set is almost always a useful purchase for DIYers and a safe go-to as a gift. That’s why basic driver/drill sets are often available at deep discounts during Black Friday sales. If you needed another reason to pick up a drill, here are five surprising ways to speed up food prep with a drill!

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Mini Digital Level Angle Gauge Via Amazonvia

Table Saw Setups

If you’ve ever set your table saw to make a 45-degree bevel cut for a box or picture frame and ended up with gaping miters because the markings were half a degree off, you need this bestselling GemRed Angle Gauge.

Just set it on your table, zero out the display, stick the magnetic base onto the blade and adjust the bevel. The digital readout will tell you the angle of your blade down to one-tenth of a degree.

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Wi Fi Smart Lock For Keyless Entry Via Amazonvia

Smart Lock

Just about everyone with a front door can benefit from an August Smart Lock. Easily control the door from just about anywhere with this nifty gadget, giving you extra time and peace of mind.

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Garden Hose Nozzle Sprayer Via Amazonvia

Garden Hose Accessories

This garden hose nozzle from Fanhao features a sturdy grip and an ergonomic design that makes watering easy on the hand, wrist and arm. It also features four watering patterns. Learn how to find the best garden hose for the job.

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Grill Brush And Scraper Via Amazonvia

Grill gear

Outdoor cooking is easier than ever with this grill brush and scraper that offers bristle-free cleaning. It degunks caked-on meats, fish, and even burned-to-a-crisp vegetables that otherwise might be stuck forever. It’s one of the best-reviewed grill cleaning products on Amazon. You should add to your arsenal immediately.

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